how to build an outdoor wooden platform

How to Build a Platform Deck (DIY) | Family Handyman

Build and square the rim Assemble the rim joists which form the perimeter of the deck and add the beam. Take diagonal measurements to square the rim then brace it with 2x4s. We added an extra 2x4 to act as a handle for moving the rim later.【Get Price】

DIY Kid's Play Platform and Jumping Stumps

Disclaimer: How to 'DIY a Kid's Play Platform' probably seems a bit out of place being that it's currently below freezing and everything has a blanket of snow on it but here's the deal: I never shared this post this summer and we're in the midst of laying flooring in our house which means the house is under a blanket of dust and is currently WAY to messy to photograph and share.【Get Price】

How To Build a Wooden Platform - YouTube

In this woodworking project watch along as I build a wooden platform. This wooden platform is designed to hold bee hives but can easily be adapted to be an...【Get Price】

24 wooden garden projects you could try building | homify

Adding homemade wooden garden furniture to your backyard is also a nice way to personalise your space. Tell us will you start on some woodworking projects this spring? And here's how to make your garden super cosy after you finish that woodworking project.【Get Price】

Outdoor Weightlifting Platform : 10 Steps (with Pictures.

Use stakes or marking paint to outline the platform. Mark the holes for the posts 18” from the front of the platform to leave room for a spotter and 44” apart on center (OC). I rented an auger with a 10” bit and dug 3’ deep. Add a few inches of gravel to allow for drainage insert the post then plum and brace with scrap 2x4s.【Get Price】

Build a Square and Level Platform for a Shed or Tiny House

Use 1/2" plywood to temporarily lock in each corner after it's square and use 4" deck screws with washers to attach the corner 2x6's to each other. Raising the platform off the ground will protect...【Get Price】

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