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Install 23/32-inch or thicker OSB panels in the proper orientation that is with the side marked "This Side Down" facing down. Tap tongue and groove sheets together with a hammer but leave a...【Get Price】

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Mike Ricker of FlorStar Sales shows why many installations of engineered wood flooring over an OSB sub floor can lead to a squeak in the floor. To learn m...【Get Price】

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We're installing reclaimed oak T&G (3/4") in our loft upstairs which has 3/4" OSB subfloor over engineered joists. We'll be using a pneumatic toe-nailer and plan to lay it directly over the OSB without an underlayment such as roofing felt craft paper etc.【Get Price】

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Installing Hardwood Flooring Over OSB An increasing number of homes and light commercial buildings have oriented strand board (OSB) subfloors. Builders choose OSB because it typically costs less than plywood free of knots and voids and can be used interchangeably in typical flooring applications where the panels have the correct span rating.【Get Price】

Can you install hardwood over OSB?

Just so can hardwood floors be installed over OSB? OSB(Oriented Strand Board) Subflooring3/4" Thick Solid Wood Flooring canbe installeddirectly over3/4" thick OSBsubfloor. It is standard practice to installthe hardwood floorsat a 90 degree angle across the floorjoists to stabilize and strengthen the whole floorstructure.【Get Price】

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Q: I am installing hardwood on our main level.We have a open staircase and railing. Part of the upper level was carpet. I want to remove pro-board and lino in the rest of the main floor and install hardwood over the OSB that was under the carpet.【Get Price】

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Installation usually consists of gluing and nailing the OSB sheets to the floor joists. 3/4" Thick Solid Wood Flooring can be installed directly over 3/4" thick OSB subfloor. It is standard practice to install the hardwood floors at a 90 degree angle across the floor joists to stabilize and strengthen the whole floor structure.【Get Price】

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