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In many tropical climates vegetation grow in layers: shrubs under tall trees and bushes under shrubs. Tropical plants are rich in resources including coffee cocoa and oil palm. Listed below are types of vegetation unique to each of the three climates that make up the tropical climate biome.【Get Price】

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Burnt clay bricks can be used in tropical climates because they have good thermal resistance and good regulating property against humidity. 2. Timber has good thermal resistance and is a good regulator of humidity. 3.【Get Price】

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tropical climate houses construction materials The building materials used for the homes must meet threebut also to protect the interiors from the harsh sun/rain of Rio de Janeiro’s tropical climate.【Get Price】

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The tropical climate zone of our planet occupy wide territories between the subequatorial climate zone and the 30-th parallel.. In reality the tropic circles pass through 23.5° north and south latitude but this is rather orientation than real border of the tropical climate zone.【Get Price】

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The use of lightweight materials for the walls and roof is recommended because they do not store much heat and shed heat quickly even with small changes in temperatures. Heavy mass products such as brick and block will re-radiate the heat they have stored during the day which keeps the house hot after sunset.【Get Price】

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MATERIALS FOR HUMID CLIMATE Roofs:- Majority of the buildings and homes is made of concrete. This is because concrete can withstand heavy rain downpours. Sloped roofs are suitable for humid region 16.【Get Price】

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