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Marble paneling is also available and usually is not embossed with any type of pattern. The sheets are available in brown white gray green blue and pink. Marble interior paneling is normally smooth to the touch. Arguably marble paneling works best when fitted to half the length of a bathroom wall.【Get Price】

130 Best Bathroom Wall Panels ideas in 2021 | bathroom wall.

Aquabord PVC Tongue Groove Bathroom Wall Panels Aquabord PVC Tongue and Groove panels are ideal for bathrooms and other wet areas. The panels are a tough but lightweight hollow construction and fit togther with a tongue and groove.【Get Price】

Shower Wall Panel Review – The Best Panels for Your Shower Room

If you are searching for a very slim shower wall panel acrylic is usually the one you want as they can be up to 5mm thinner than their counterparts. However due to their dense construction you will also find that they are heavier than the PVC panels on the market and this is also due to the fact that the core is solid.【Get Price】

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Acrylic bathroom wall panels like those from Wetwall are the slimmest of the bunch at around 4-5mm. Even though they’re slimmer they’re generally heavier than PVC panels given their denser acrylic construction. Acrylic panels are often produced in bolder colours and they can also be semi-transparent. Like PVC they’re durable and hygienic.【Get Price】

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