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Some shading devices can also function as reflectors called light shelves which bounce natural light for daylighting deep into building interiors. The design of effective shading devices will depend on the solar orientation of a particular building facade.【Get Price】

WPC solar shading - GreenWood - for facade / vertical.

Find out all of the information about the GreenWood product: WPC solar shading . Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.【Get Price】

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To carry out the shading function one or more of a number of shading devices can be employed. The devices can be classified into three types. Moveable opaque can be highly effective in reducing solar gains but eliminates view and impedes air movement e.g. roller blinds curtain etc. The second type louvers may be removable adjustable or fixed-affect view and air movement to some degree.【Get Price】

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BIO-WPC solar shading Three sizes available for the ANNAPURNA profile 40x40 / 40x80 / 40x160 in as many as 31 colors for waxing infinite solutions for sunscreens screens and coverings with chromatic effects and heights.【Get Price】

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WPC solar shading ULTRASHIELD for facade vertical horizontal Déco’s sunshades give an elegant aesthetics to buildings and a beautiful shading that can bring privacy and protection from solar rays therefore improving the energy performance of buildings....【Get Price】

Effects of solar shading devices on energy requirements of.

Solar shading devices on a building reduce annual energy requests of the systems. The energy saving has been evaluated for an office building in Italian climates. These savings have been evaluated considering heating cooling and lighting systems. In warm summer climates (Palermo) the highest saving has been obtained (about 20%). Building and shading device characteristics influence the.【Get Price】

WPC solar shading - ULTRASHIELD - Déco - for facade.

Déco’s sunshades give an elegant aesthetics to buildings and a beautiful shading that can bring privacy and protection from solar rays therefore improving the energy performance of buildings. They confer a strong sense of identity and character onto the spaces where they are located. Moreover their slender shape enriches the architectural value of the project in a unique way. generating.【Get Price】


EXTERNAL SHADING DEVICES External shading devices such as eaves awnings and verandahs play a critical role in reducing unwanted solar heat gain especially in cooling-dominant climates and during summer in temperate climates. Shading devices work firstly by restricting unwanted direct solar radiation through windows. Secondly they assist【Get Price】

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External shading devices can reduce solar heat gain through glazing by up to 80%. By designing shading devices according to the sun’s seasonal path both summer shading and winter solar gain can be achieved in climates with seasonal variations. Incorporate the following shading strategies:【Get Price】

Louvre Cladding Solar Shading Brise Soleil by Dura.

Brise Soleil sun shading profile systems are easily erected and have a long life span. Brise Soleil Shading Systems Provide Positive Sun Screening for Various Types of Buildings Brise soleil wood Plastic composite (WPC) shading profiles will perfectly complement most South facing buildings.【Get Price】

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The movable opaque shading devices are ideal for reducing solar gains. However the downside here is that they block air movement and block views. Examples of movable opaque shading devices include curtains and roller blinds among others. Louvers are usually of three types – the removable louvers adjustable louvers and fixed louvers.【Get Price】

Performance of Energy Efficient Windows and Solar Shading Devices

demand. The Solar Shading Project initiated in 1997 had the aim of investigating the performance of solar shading devices and to develop tools and guidelines which could be used by consultants architects and facility managers to make energy wise decisions at an early design stage (Wall and Bülow-Hübe 2001). The software tool ParaSol was.【Get Price】

External Shading Devices

External Shading Devices. In the tropical climates the designer should keep the solar radiation off the opaque solid elements of the building's envelope where possible. Special care should be taken to shade the windows to reduce the incoming heat and the risk of overheating. Shading Design. The design of shading devices can be quite complex.【Get Price】

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However solar shading is only one element of the building’s envelope along with glazing window frames walls roofs and floors. We think of energy saving as insulation. Solar shading is the insulation of the transparent parts of a building that is the glazing. Indeed solar protection devices enable adjustment of the properties of windows【Get Price】


Solar shading WoodN Industries Viale Fulvio Testi is steeped in centuries-old history it has connected Milan to the surrounding hinterland for decades. Generali SGR offices are located alongside this major stretch of road in Milan.【Get Price】

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