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Step 1: Prep and Wash the Garage Floor Area Photo by Kolin Smith Using painter's tape stick plastic sheeting to the walls along the edge of the foundation or at the height to which you will apply the epoxy up the walls. Sweep the floor thoroughly to remove dirt and dust.【Get Price】

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The five main steps for prepping your garage floor for an epoxy coating are: Removing any sealant or paint on the garage floor Clean up any grease or oil that may be on the floor. Repair any cracks or fissures in the floor.【Get Price】

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Chances are you'll have a fair amount of gunk on your concrete floor. You will need to clean everything as good as you can prior to applying epoxy. Use a rigid bristle scrub brush to clean oil spots. Pour concrete etcher (available at Home Depot) on each oil spot let soak in and then scrub.【Get Price】

How to Apply Epoxy Coating to a Garage Floor

Keep the garage well-ventilated throughout the application and initial curing. Use a 3-inch paintbrush to cut in along the edges then use a 9-inch roller with a 1/2-inch-nap roller cover (with an extension handle) to spread epoxy on the floor. Work in 10 x 10-foot sections. This work will go quicker if you have a helper handling the cut-in work.【Get Price】

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This Old House host Kevin O'Connor assists epoxy-coating expert Doug Fasching in creating a good-looking hardwearing stain-resistant garage floor. (See bel...【Get Price】

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The following instructions are based on Permagard’s epoxy floor coating. In smaller garages one person can usually apply the epoxy to the perimeter by cutting in with a 3” brush initially and then rolling the internal area with a lint-free short or medium pile roller. You will need to be mindful of the working life of the epoxy though.【Get Price】

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