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Armadillo Composite Decking: The Best Choice for Builders. Customer approved easy installation and limited lifetime warranty are a few reasons builders and contractors are specifying Armadillo Composite Decking.【Get Price】


1” from outer edge of deck board. Screw down the first deck board using the pre-drilled holes. We recommend Starborn fasteners. See the reference guide on our website. Drill screws in perpendicular not at an angle. DO NOT OVERDRIVE. STEP 3 GROOVED Place deck clip in the groove of the Armadillo deck board centered over each joist and fasten screw【Get Price】


When installing fascia to cover the ends of the boards screws are not required around the outside deck perimeter. STEP 4 SOLID AND GROOVED Slide your next deck board onto the exposed Armadillo deck clips or tap a solid board firmly against a 1/4” spacing tool and use recommended trim head screws with pre-drilled holes for thread head.【Get Price】

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When designing a new deck or renovating an existing structure plan on finishing your project with Armadillo composite decking. Use standard wood posts and joist runners when constructing the frame then finish the project with Armadillo composite decking boards. Remember Armadillo composite decking is only designed for use as a deck board.【Get Price】

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2Gapping: Install at the mean temperature of your geographical area. The temperature of composite lumber should be at least 45º F at the time of installation. This is not the same as air temperature. For board ends allow 1/16” for every 20º F difference between installation temperature and your hottest average temperature.【Get Price】

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Timelapse video 3 hr installation with the help of camo fasteners【Get Price】

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Editor's note: apologies for the 2 mobile phone notifications during the video. That's not your phone it's mine :)Our man Rob has been building our composi...【Get Price】

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