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Many people use the terms ‘plastic decking’ and ‘composite decking’ interchangeably but there is a crucial difference between these two products. Plastic decking is made of 100% synthetic materials. Composite decking – also known as wood plastic composite (WPC) decking – is made by blending synthetic materials with natural wood fibre.【Get Price】

Comparing Deck Materials: Wood Wood-Composite and PVC

Also called plastic or synthetic decking this is made of cellular polyvinyl chloride (PVC) the same material that is used for plastic fencing. It is lightweight and has the same density as white pine a softwood. Some PVC decking is "capped" meaning that a protective shell is added to the surface that also gives it a wood-like look.【Get Price】

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Most composites are hybrid materials made from a recycled plastic wood flour mixture. Because they use discarded plastics which have been recycled wood chippings/sawdust they are much friendlier on the environment than other types of decking. Most boards are made from Polyethylene or Polyvinyl Chloride.【Get Price】

Plastic Decking vs. Composite Decking | Which is Best?

Some people will tell you that plastic decking and composite decking are the same thing but there are a number of key differences between these two materials. For one thing plastic deck boards are entirely synthetic whereas composite products are made by combining polymers with real wood flour making them a kind of ‘semi-synthetic’ option.【Get Price】

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Aluminium composite decking panels which contain wooden starch and plastic (polypropylene). This material is well-established in practice as it looks stylish – it’s not easy to distinguish between composite and natural wood at first sight. This is due to the fact that the better part of the composite mixture (around 60 to 80%) is made of pieces of wood. The rest of it is reserved for.【Get Price】

How to Compare Composite Decking Brands and Materials

What makes composite decking superior to natural wood – it’s high density toughness – can also make cutting and attaching it to framing material more arduous and time consuming. For most composite products special screws are often required in order to penetrate the deck and attach to the PT wood frame below. Some manufacturers even recommend pre-drilling pilot holes in the composite.【Get Price】

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