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The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Insulation

The making of fiberglass insulation is an energy-intensive process — up to 10 times more so than eco-friendly alternatives. Even more fiberglass insulation contains hazardous fibers that are linked to health issues like skin eye and respiratory tract irritation.【Get Price】

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External wall insulation Homes built before 1930 are built with one solid wall which means that they let out lots of heat making your home inefficient and expensive to run. Here at Urbane Eco we can source a range of External Wall Insulation systems helping to make of your home a warmer safer and more economical place to live.【Get Price】

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External wall insulation or E.W.I. is a layered insulation system that is fitted like a jacket over the outside of a building. Its main advantages are that it thermally protects the whole home as well as protecting the structure of the building.【Get Price】

Exterior wall insulation - Is it Right for You?

Exterior wall insulation (also referred to as external insulation) is a way of insulating the main walls of your home from the outside and is commonly used in homes that have solid walls with no cavities. In the UK the majority of homes built before 1920 - 1925 will likely have solid walls.【Get Price】

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External wall insulation on solid walls will typically achieve higher levels of insulation with little risk of moisture problems either internally or within the wall structure. It also keeps the thermal mass of the building within the insulation envelope. Synthetic insulation materials do not manage water in the same way as natural ones.【Get Price】

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External Wall Insulation Eco-insulation home specialises in providing external wall insulation products and services. External wall insulation boards is fixed to the outside of a property after they are normally rendered to give a protective and decorative finish to the exterior.【Get Price】

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For external wall insulation you need to employ a professional. The home can be insulated using an adhesive material which is fixed to the wall then plastered over. The finish applied to the external wall can be any combination of texturing painting tiling brick slips masonry work and/or cladding.【Get Price】

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