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For commercial patios decks courtyards hot tubs and all types of open entertainment and outdoor living areas Retractable Pergola Roof Covers Most retractable patio covers and pergola covers are designed for sun UV glare heat protection HEAVY rain HIGH winds up to 175+ mph/281+ km/hr. Systems fabric are waterPROOF meaning no water enters.【Get Price】

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The type of covered deck that you choose will ultimately depend on your personal circumstances and what you want to get from your decking. The cost will probably be a deciding factor but it is good to know that you have a number of options available to you. Another important thing that you will have to think about is what the ongoing maintenance costs will be. It is always a good idea to shop.【Get Price】

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How Much Do Deck Roofs and Pergola Covers Cost? Since a regular or traditional pergola does not have any type of cover to protect from sun rain or snow it is difficult to compare it to a retractable roof pergola. To be fair one needs to add the cost of the regular pergola to the cost of a waterproof cover itself (our Firenze model) and then.【Get Price】

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Fabric deck pergola covers are another more complete way to cover your structure. There are many different types of outdoor fabric covers to choose from. Some offer UV protection which will help extend the life of your outdoor furniture and cut down on the heat and light that penetrates through your pergola roof.【Get Price】

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The most basic patio or deck cover is the freestanding umbrella. Whether grouped with a table or a chair providing shade while you’re outside having lunch or a morning coffee — or better yet a midafternoon quaff — a bright and colorful umbrella can add a splash of color and zest to an outdoor space while providing some relief from the hot summer sun. While there are many umbrellas.【Get Price】

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The main drawback is that most wood types used for Calgary patio covers such as oak and cedar tend to be expensive so larger patio owners may find the cost prohibitive. Aluminum – if you’re looking for a sleeker more contemporary look then aluminum is a great patio cover choice for you.【Get Price】

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- Folding hatch covers – Folding hatch covers for weather decks can be either of the low or high stowing type. The low stowing version and single pull hatch covers are designed in a number of panel configurations. The high stowing versions are also available in a number of configurations: for example with two to six panels and with stowing taking place at one or both ends of a hatch.【Get Price】

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The roof extension is usually the case where the second floor extends over the deck area. That said it’s not always the case. Either way a roof extension is a great way to cover a deck but often it’s darker than a pergola awning or pavilion because there are usually 2 solid walls and sometimes 3.【Get Price】

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1. Patio Covers. Few outdoor living covers give you the flexibility that a patio cover does. Essentially an open-air roof extension a patio covers allows your family and guests to spend time outdoors in nearly all types of weather. The roof of the patio cover — which is made of wood vinyl or aluminum and supported by posts — shades you.【Get Price】

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Assess what already exists: a deck's railings posts and overhead structure should echo a home's similar architectural elements in front or other parts of the property. A well-designed cover complements your home's style and the exterior materials used especially any wood used elsewhere. Among types and styles of overhead structures to consider:【Get Price】

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A well-designed patio cover can enhance your outdoor living experience and increase the amount of time you spend outside. For any major outdoor structure you'll want to work with a professional like an architect or landscape architect to make sure your building complies with city codes and is engineered correctly. Other considerations before planning designing and building a patio cover.【Get Price】

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The deck is fully covered by a pitched pergola and polygala another fancy word for Plexiglas. It’s like a thing but sturdy plastic material used for construction. The curtains will ensure moments of privacy that can be enjoyed alone in the company of your beloved or with an intimate group of friends.【Get Price】

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A cloth cover needs replacing as it fades or wears so for areas with hot sun or frequent precipitation consider a metal or polycarbonate deck awning. Metal lasts a long time but it absorbs and transfers heat to your deck. Also it can rust and dent. Polycarbonate covers are durable and block UV rays while letting in light.【Get Price】

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Well the type of fabric you use will ultimately dictate the longevity of your boat top cover. You want to find a textile that features UV Ray water mold and mildew resistance. You might also consider finding a boat shade top cover that is lightweight and easy to clean as well as colorfast. Check to see if your cover comes with a warranty.【Get Price】

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For the ultimate in easy to maintain patio flooring polished concrete is a real winner. Contemporary almost industrial and such a fantastic neutral to decorate concrete flooring is superb especially for outdoor spaces. 11. Terracotta tiles. Save. Arti.【Get Price】

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