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How to install GoBoard Tile Backer Board: Two methods The first method is the way that is outlined by other foam backer board manufacturers. This is where you apply sealant to every edge prior to installing the backer board. For example you would apply a bead of sealant to the top of the tub flange- then install GoBoard over it.【Get Price】

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Foam-core tile backing board has two big advantages over other backer boards. First it’s super lightweight compared with the rest. A 1/2-inch thick 3 x 5 foot sheet weighs just 7-1/2 pounds compared with 45 pounds for a similar size sheet of cement board. And second since it’s foam the board is super easy to cut with just a utility knife.【Get Price】

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Description JACKOBOARD Plano Tile Backer Board is a water-repellent construction board made from extruded polystyrene foam finished on both sides with a special cement-based coating that is fibre reinforced. This cement coating is ready to be tiled rendered or plastered once installed.【Get Price】

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Tile backer boards are the perfect substrate for tiling onto in any room of the house although most commonly used in bathrooms and wpcs. They are also often used as insulation boards reducing heat loss and with Underfloor Heating Systems as well as dry lining and waterproofing wpcs.【Get Price】

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For walls made from stud 10 or 12mm Tile Backer Boards can be used for studs at 300mm centres or you can use 20mm Thermopanel if 600mm centres. Please ensure that all board edges are supported. Fix the Tile Backer Boards to the studs using screws and washers the maximum spacing between fixings should be 300mm.【Get Price】

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Quick Installation PermaBASE™ Foam Tile Backer is an exceptionally lightweight durable waterproof tile backer board designed for interior tile and stone applications. It is ideally suited for walls showers tub surrounds backsplashes floors and countertops.【Get Price】

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