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Wood Wool by Heraklith

You can find our wood wool panels all around the world as an aesthetic finish of ceilings and walls. Heraklith wood wool panels can be completely fine tuned to the design of a building or space when the wood wool boards are finished in matching colours.【Get Price】

Fiberboard Wall Ceilings - Wood product soft board ceilings.

With a few rare exceptions fiberboard panels used on building interior walls and ceilings are a soft 1/2" thick or thicker board made of wood - it's a cellulose product. Fiberboard sheathing or interior fiberboard ceiling and wall panels do not contain asbestos except in the case of cross-contamination where both asbestos-containing and non-asbestos products may have been manufactured at the.【Get Price】

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Even though all wood composites ceiling made out of wood it has its own properties. Except painting every wood composite ceiling has its own properties. Depends on the availability of wood composite people use the same for ceiling. 1. Planned wood for ceiling. 2. Plywood ceiling. 3. Soft board ceiling. 4. Hard board ceiling. 5. wood moulding.【Get Price】

Wood Ceiling Planks | Ceilings | Armstrong Residential

With completely pre-finished wood ceiling planks there was no need to sand stain or seal – it is truly an out-of-the box solution. Compare that to the multiple priming sanding and varnishing steps for a wood ceiling or to the many priming and painting steps required for a drywall ceiling. Once the MDF planks are up the project is done.【Get Price】

How to DIY a Wood Plank Ceiling - The Idea Room

  Planking the ceiling was a great option and actually saved us a lot of repair work. We ended up using these V groove Pine Wood Planks from Lowe’s.   They were pretty inexpensive for a pack of six 8 foot long pine planks.   We put them up in a staggered pattern so that all the ends would not be lined up for a smoother look and finish.【Get Price】

32 Wood Ceiling Designs - Ideas for Wood Plank Ceilings

Extend the wood ceiling to the floor for a rustic all-wood look. Design by Miyuki Yamaguchi Design Studio. Alan Blakely. 24 of 32. Warm and Welcoming Add accent lighting for a dramatic touch. Design by Barbara Lee Grigsby Design Associates Inc. Susan Gil.【Get Price】

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These planks install directly to joists or an existing ceiling and are a great cover-up option for damaged drywall plaster or popcorn ceilings. In basements WoodHaven planks can even install over standard 15/16" grid to refresh an old drop ceiling. pdf Brochure - WOODHAVEN Ceiling and Wall Planks 1M pdf Estimating Guide - WoodHaven Planks 37K【Get Price】

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All the unique feature of a wooden ceiling is that it can be finished in absolutely different styles and still look amazing cozy and comfortable. Of course coffered ceilings paneled with whole wood look very elegant. But even an imitation of timber will create an elegant flavor. In addition you can choose a certain kind of wooden ceiling for each design style.【Get Price】

How to DIY a Wood Plank Ceiling - The Idea Room

Part of our motivation for the wood paneling was to cover up a horribly ugly patch job on the ceiling to cover where some wrap around cabinets had been removed by the previous owners. It was pretty bad. We also combined the two lights over the table and centered a new single light over our dining area. Then we had some canned lighting to the space. So needless to say we had a huge ceiling.【Get Price】

Ceilings insulation with Wood fibre board

Ceiling renovation using fiber wood Therm Ceiling thermal and acoustic insulation complete system which consist in one single layer of rigid fiber wood panels type FiberTherm with density 160kg/m³; the system must be supperted by an aluminum or wooden frame. The underlying part can be easily covered with plasterboard panels fixed to the frame.【Get Price】

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Wood is versatile and being used as a constructional material. Whether it is hardwood or softwood or bamboo or wood composite material it can be used for ceiling.Immediately after roof ceiling will play a important role. Without ceiling the decoration of a room or hall or house or office is incomplete.【Get Price】

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