best color for outside house wall in india

5+ Exterior House Paint Ideas For a Striking Home Design

Exterior Paint Colours for Indian Homes #8: A Calming Blue No colour is as timeless or evergreen as blue. Adding a dash of blue to your exterior wall paint can transform the look of your home creating a soothing and calming effect. A striking blue and white【Get Price】

15+ Popular Wall Paint Colours for Your Indian Home (Pick.

Dark paint shades give the living room a classy intimate and luxurious appeal. For instance dark purple or even fig is a rich and classic wall colour for a semi-formal or formal living room.【Get Price】

What Colour Should You Get Your House Exterior Painted? – The.

While the maroon (or any other shade of red) is usually found with exposed brick walls in India it’s a good idea to break out of that mould. Go for a half-and-half look by painting the upper half maroon and the lower portion cream. Yes it will make your home stand out from the rest but when is that not a good thing? 4.【Get Price】

8 Tips on How to Choose the Best Exterior Paint Colors for.

One of the best exterior paint colour idea is to avoid black and other dark colours. These colours absorb dust and make you repaint your exterior wall paint frequently. However it is better to use a pale shade of the dark colour and mix them with another light colour.【Get Price】

These Are The Most Popular Outside Colours for Indian Houses.

Yellow is a much loved colour in India and warm shades of yellow like mustard ochre and ambre look beautiful on Indian homes — whether as the dominant colour or when used as accents. If you’re the kind who doesn’t want to deviate from a cream or white base colour use warmer shades of yellow to accessorise.【Get Price】

Facades: Best Colours for Indian Homes' Exterior Walls

Dipen Gada and Associates This Vadodara home by Dipen Gada and Associates makes use of creamy yellow-tinted grey on the exterior walls to help reflect sunlight and keep the house cool. The soft hue makes a nice backdrop to complement the lush green landscape while the textured paint subtly adds visual interest.【Get Price】

11 Beautiful ideas to paint the exterior walls of your house.

The beauty of an architectural structure whether it is a single family house or multi-storied skyscraper is enhanced when it is given the right quality and shade of exterior paint. Besides adding to the aesthetic beauty of the façade exterior paints protect the walls from natural elements like harsh sunlight rain and snow. As the façade is.【Get Price】

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