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How much does resin flooring cost? 4 important factors that.

3: The type of resin flooring you choose. The broad type of poured resin floor you decide upon will affect the final price and different types of resin flooring will cost more than others. The expense of each type of resin such as epoxy resin or polyurethane will vary. If there is poor access to the site special equipment may be necessary.【Get Price】

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You wonder “How much epoxy resin do I need?” Our epoxy resin calculator provides you with the answer! Whether you want to coat large surfaces such as an industrial floor or garage floor or make an epoxy resin table – our epoxy resin calculator will quickly show you the required quantity.【Get Price】

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The average epoxy resin floor cost can vary quite a lot depending on the nature of your flooring project but you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £85 per m2. Though it can range from as low as £20 up to £150 per m2 for a white resin floor cost.【Get Price】

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Is it difficult to give an exact resin flooring cost as there are many factors to consider such as whether you require some build up or a coating and what preparation work is required for this reason it could be anywhere between £20 and £130 per m 2.【Get Price】

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Epoxy resin is the perfect finish for any floor our 100% Solid Epoxy Resin is not only ideal for Industrial and Commercial projects but also for Domestic areas such as kitchens living areas and bathrooms. Its high gloss finish reflects light beautifully thus visually enhancing the look style appearance and size of any room. Mixed together with our Metallic Pigment you can create a unique.【Get Price】

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