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Gravel boards Gravel boards prevent direct contact between fence and damp or wet earth so moisture damage can be avoided. Applied filters (1)【Get Price】

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The composite gravel boards can be used to replace fence panels and fit into existing slotted concrete posts creating a new look for your. Concrete Posts Gravel Boards - Beesleys Fildes Also available are Recessed Rock/Brick Faced Smooth Faced Gravel Boards together with a wide range of Concrete building and prestressed products.【Get Price】

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Our concrete gravel board range consists of 2 styles to suit any environment- plain faced and rock faced. Both styles measure at 6ft x 1ft so can be built up to create almost any height. These are our most popular gravel boards and have been used for alm.【Get Price】

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Concrete Gravel Boards (6 products) Concrete gravel boards prevent the bottom of your fence panels rotting adding considerable life to your fencing. They prevent the panel making contact with the ground which protects against damage from the weather and also from tools used to cut your lawn.【Get Price】

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This 1.50m height version can be used with a gravel board to attain a full 1.80m height or used where a lower level boundary screen is required. Pressure Treated to give a 15 year Anti-Rot guarantee. The panels can also be used without gravel boards. This smooth-planed decorative panel is best complemented when mounted to smooth-planed fence posts.【Get Price】

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Place your concrete gravel board in the grove of the first fence post. Once in place install your fence panel on top of the concrete gravel board and in the grove of the fence post. Erect your second fence post ensuring the fence panel and gravel board fit in the posts slot. Repeat until you have completed your fencing project.【Get Price】

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