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The deck wash formula is designed to remove all forms of dirt grease and even build-up of algae and will create a smooth blank canvas for you to work on when oiling and staining. It should be applied and scrubbed with a brush to work. Leave it for a few minutes (Cuprinol don't specify how long but we say at least 10) then rinse awar. Leave to dry for the recommended time of 16 hours before.【Get Price】

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Without a protective coating exposure to extreme heat and cold can have a detrimental effect on the surface of your wooden deck. And while both sealing and staining serve the purpose of preserving and protecting your deck sealing in particular offers some very specific benefits.【Get Price】

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The condition of the deck the desired look and the treatments required may vary. For example a south facing deck that takes the full brunt of the summer sun may need a decking treatment that keeps the wood nourished and protected and contains UV filters. Wooden decking in a shaded location that is overshadowed by trees or bushes may require better protection from mould and algae due to.【Get Price】

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A protective polyurethane topcoat is a great way to seal your wooden deck and increase its longevity. Even if you decide not to stain your deck you should always apply some kind of sealer to keep it protected from the elements. Otherwise you risk having your deck rot out within the first couple of years.【Get Price】

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Top Tip: You can determine whether your deck needs to be sealed through a simple spot-test. Spill a few drops of water onto the surface. If the droplets of water bead remain on the surface the deck is sufficiently sealed. If the water soaks into the deck boards leaves a mark on the surface it is too receptive to moisture and needs.【Get Price】

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Many deck stains of this kind can create a mildew-resistant finish and can oftentimes prove to be non-slip. This type of finish can also fill in holes really well which is something many decks suffer from in persistently wet rainy weather. While the water-based finish is great at preventing mildew that can develop in moist conditions it's also defensive against UV rays (which still are.【Get Price】

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Plastic gloves and goggles should always be worn when working with corrosives. After use your deck should appear much brighter like its old self. Remember that while bleach will help to kill mildew you should never use bleach on your garden decking. This is firstly because it can break down the wood and cause it to deteriorate but also.【Get Price】

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