which is better composite or wood decking

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Wood decking as well as composite decking need maintenance. But the way you maintain them differs. Considering maintenance will give you a hint on which is better between wood and composite decking. Wood Decking Maintenance. Let’s start by considering wood decking maintenance before moving to composite decking. Wood or timber decking.【Get Price】

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Not only is composite decking better for your wallet your time (thanks to composite decking being low-maintenance so no need to paint varnish or sand your decking) and the environment it also has a range of benefits. Leaving you with high-quality wood aesthetic deck without the hassle of maintaining it.【Get Price】

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This is due to the fact that the better part of the composite mixture (around 60 to 80%) is made of pieces of wood. The rest of it is reserved for compounds such as polyethylene UV-stabilisers pigments and so on. Therefore this type of material is also known as WPC – wood polymer composite. How long do composite decks last?【Get Price】

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