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Anti Slip Cleats and Bolt/Screw Down Plates - Paco Systems

The bolt down, anti slip plates are ideal for application in areas where anti slip tape/cleats or anti slip paint is not suitable i.e constantly wet or loose surfaces. Anti slip plates are manufactured specifically for these purposes, with countersunk eyelets for easy application, and can be fitted using screws, nails or clips. The standard bolt down plates are available in an off the shelf.【Get Price】

Anti-Slip Plates for Last Minute Slip Protection

The Heskins anti slip bolt down plates are perfect. One simply screws them into place, due to their mechanical fixing they can be applied onto even the most unstable surface; sodden timber, flaking concrete, saturated concrete etc. Manufactured from 1.6mm weatherproof aluminium they can cope with even the most difficult environmental conditions.【Get Price】

Anti-Slip Bolt Down Plates | Promain

Anti slip bolt down plates are suitable for a wide range of substrates including brick, wood, concrete, tile or decking. As the step nosings tend to become worn over time from long term use, bolt down plates can bring added protection for both users and the underlying groundwork.【Get Price】

Bolt Down Anti-Slip Plates | Non-Slip Plates | Anti-Slip.

Heskins anti-slip plates are made from weatherproof aluminium which will not tarnish in foul weather, with a Heskins non-slip coating of your choice covering most of the top surface and finished with rounded corners for a more aesthetic appearance. We stock our bolt down anti-slip plates in four sizes: 63mm x 635mm 115mm x 635mm【Get Price】

Anti Slip Bolt down Plates Step Edges for Exterior Use

Anti Slip Bolt Down Made from weather resistant aluminium with an anti slip coating to the majority of the surface area these plates are ideal for use in slippy areas that can be subject to continuous wet conditions, they are a great answer to slippy timber decking.【Get Price】

Bolt Down Anti Slip Aluminium Plates - Flat - Pittman Traffic.

Fold Down Bollards; Convex Mirror; Road Humps; Hose Protector; Rubber Speed Bumps; Car Park Bollards; Parking Posts; Plastic Barriers; Cable Ramp; Steel Bollards; Collapsible Bollards; Security Post; Lamp Post Protectors【Get Price】

Aluminium Bolt Down Anti Slip Plates - Polycote

Our bolt down plates are superb for areas demanding an instant non-slip surface and can be applied to previously untreatable areas, such as sodden timber, railway sleepers, punched steel etc. The plates are made from weatherproof 1.6mm aluminium and coated with a permanent non-slip surface.【Get Price】

Anti-slip plates | OLEJAR

Bolt down anti-slip plates are perfect for application in areas where a simple anti-slip tape is not suitable, such as constantly wet, uneven or loose surfaces like external wooden surfaces (decks). Anti-slip plates can be used as stair nosing as well.【Get Price】

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