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How to Build a Wooden Planter Box: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

Create pilot holes in two of the boards. Pilot holes are holes drilled into the wood to ensure that the wood won’t splinter when you insert the screws into it. You only need to do this on the two end boards (the shorter boards). You should make three pilot holes, 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) from the end edge of the board.【Get Price】

How To Make a Wooden Planter - BBC Gardeners' World Magazine

Mark and cut all the pieces of timber to the correct lengths, cutting the ends as squarely as possible for a smooth finish. Using a 3mm drill bit, make a hole around 2.5cm from the end of every length to stop the wood splitting when you put in the screws. How to make a wooden planter – drilling holes at the end of each end of the wood Step 2【Get Price】

45 Easy and Amazing DIY Wooden Planter Box ideas You Can Make!

Wooden planter boxes are very cost effective and easy to build. Redwood – A great option because it is naturally rot-resistant and has been known to last for a long time. Unfortunately, it can be a lot more expensive than the other options. Learn more about redwood uses and advantages.【Get Price】

DIY Wooden Flower Pot | Handyman tips

You must start your assembly with the four corners of your future flower pot. Take two 18 inches long boards and connect them together in “L” shape like in the picture below. First drill four holes with a small bit on each board, put a stripe of wood glue and then connect two boards with wood screws.【Get Price】

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