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The material of the shutters. Plantation shutters can be made out of different types of wood, including basswood and poplar. However, they can also be constructed of plastic (such as PvC) of varying qualities, or Insulite, a premium dense polymer that looks and feels like real timber. The size and amount of windows.【Get Price】

Which Is Better: Wood Or Composite Plantation Shutters.

The costs of composite plantation shutters are also lower than wood plantation shutters. However, they still have a luxurious feel to them. The texture, as well as the feel of composite wood, is premium. Hence, if you are looking to get a premium product at a lower price, composite shutters are the best option for you.【Get Price】

Wood Vs Vinyl Shutters | 7 Major Differences You Didn't Know.

Shutter design is a basic wood vs vinyl shutters difference. Are all shutters flat? Not necessarily. For vinyl shutters that is a correct assumption as most companies don’t want to pay the price for bevel plastic shutter molds. So, Vinyl shutter design is basic and modernistic. That’s good, but it doesn’t deliver happiness. Consumers like variety. Wood enables manufacturers to give you.【Get Price】

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Finishes. While many vinyl plantation shutters are designed to resemble their more expensive wood counterparts, the quality of this faux-wood finish can vary significantly between different models.【Get Price】

Shutters Comparison: Differences Between Wood, Vinyl.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters Vinyl plantation shutters are made of polyvinyl chloride plastic, called PVC for short. This is a lightweight material that’s significantly less expensive than wood, making vinyl a more cost-effective option for most homes.【Get Price】

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PVC Shutters PVC shutters are not only more resistant to moisture, they also offer higher fire resistant qualities. They are cheaper, easier to clean, and quicker to manufacture than wooden shutters. Therefore, PVC might be the simplest option if you are renovating your home on a deadline or budget.【Get Price】

PVC Shutters VS Timber Shutters - The Hidden Dangers Revealed

Another little-known fact is that PVC shutters are up to three times heavier than the traditional timber range, and once PVC begins to lose its strength from UV exposure, the shutters start to warp and ‘drop’ from the weight and need to be replaced.【Get Price】

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