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220mm wide wood flooring is perfect for the large room or open plan area. Generally you would use this for rooms larger than 5m x 7m an all our boards are at least 1900mm and can be up to 2500mm long. Generally, we supply 2200mm long boards depending on what material is available.【Get Price】

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Common Wood Flooring Plank Widths As we said, wide plank wood flooring starts at six inches, but eight-inch and 10-inch widths are also common. Anything wider than 10 inches is exceedingly rare and usually limited to custom jobs. This is true for both wide plank engineered wood flooring and wide plank solid wood flooring.【Get Price】

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Wide plank floors make any space seem more open to reducing the number of seams and showcasing more of the natural beauty of the wood. The larger the space, the wider the planks should be to keep the seams at a minimum. Typically, the direction of the planks will align with the longest side of the space.【Get Price】

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Plank Width Narrow (under 149mm) (8) Wide (150mm - 189mm) (31) Extra Wide (over 189mm) (37)【Get Price】

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Wide plank wood floors are considered to be among the most beautiful and authentic. They capture the essence of trunk wood flooring well and show off the most natural features of a bespoke wood floor. We select all of our wide plank wood floorly from the best timber mills to ensure the very highest quality.【Get Price】

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Wide plank wood floors hark back to the Tudor, Jacobean and Baroque periods – the late 1400s, 1500s and 1600s. Along with velvet, satin, silk and beeswax candles, wide floorboards were a hallmark of wealth and power. From the Georgian period onward as the cost of timber begain to increase, the width of floorboards began to shrink.【Get Price】

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