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Composite Exterior Cladding - Why you Need it for Your Home

Eco-Friendly Composite Exterior Cladding and Teckwood –Teckwood take their environmental policy seriously, and are proud to promote FSC certified suppliers, quality timber, and environmentally considered solutions. Eco Homes and Teckwood – Eco-homes are buildings designed and built to minimise their environmental impact.【Get Price】

Eco-Friendly Timber Cladding - Our Aim and Mission | NORclad

Exterior cladding is something we often think about when talking about timber cladding, but it can also be used for interior design and function. With the natural insulating properties of timber, this can be another great move for an eco-friendly building. On a commercial scale, this can save huge amounts of energy and heating.【Get Price】

Exterior cladding : ecological materials - Eco Passive Houses

There is a variety of exterior cladding but the ones we will choose for our ecological construction are wooden claddings. Several criteria must be taken into account when making the final choice. Priority will be given to species produced locally or ate least in Europe and from sustainably managed forests. In his book on ecological construction, Jean-Claude Mengoni points out that wood is.【Get Price】

Exterior Cladding - A Guide to the Types for Home Building.

Fibre cement is widely used in this product, however new eco alternatives, including panels made from recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibres are now available on the market. Metal – large, prefabricated sheets of aluminium, steel, copper and zinc are used for metal cladding.【Get Price】

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