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Moylough Concrete - Hollowcore Flooring

Hollowcore flooring systems can be laid over muddy or uneven grounds, eliminating the need to compact infill for ground floors. Upper floor construction is expedited quickly and to exacting quality standards. Hollowcore flooring systems eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming on-site concrete pours, disposal of tailings, and similar inefficiencies. This proven construction method.【Get Price】

Hollowcore Flooring | Precast Concrete Planks and Slabs | FP.

FP McCann manufactures precast concrete hollowcore flooring units. These units are a prestressed concrete slab normally 1200mm wide (part widths are also available if required) and a current depth range of 150mm to 450mm. In addition to this range, we also manufacture a 100mm deep precast concrete floor slab.【Get Price】

Hollowcore Floor Systems - British Precast

flooring is designed to receive a levelling screed or other approved flooring system. High Load Capacity Hollowcore floors can be designed to support the heavy loads required in most factories, warehouses and storage buildings. Fire Resistance All slabs have 1 hour fire resistance. This can however be enhanced up to 2 hours. Holes for Services【Get Price】

Hollow-Core Concrete Plank Floor and Roof Systems | SfL+a.

Hollow-core concrete floor and roof systems are prefabricated concrete planks, usually 10 inches thick, with 7-inch diameter tunnels running the length of the planks. We used a hollow-core concrete floor and roof structure on the five schools designed and built in Horry County, S.C.【Get Price】

Hollowcore | Bimstore

Hollowcore is the ideal solution for all suspended floor applications. It provides robust, long-spanning solutions for masonry, concrete or steel structures at all levels. It is available in 1200mm widths and is suitable for use in all types of housing as well as commercial and public sector buildings.【Get Price】

Hollowcore Concrete Planks - Floorspan Contracts

In addition to our beam and block products we also manufacture a range of prestressed concrete flooring units known as hollowcore slabs or planks. These planks or slabs are ideal for offices, shops, light industrial, or high quality residential properties where spans are often greater with increased loadings.【Get Price】

Analysis of Hollowcore Concrete Floor Slabs under Fire

Precast prestressed hollowcore concrete floor systems have become very common in New Zealand and in many other countries. Hollowcore concrete floor systems consist of several hollowcore concrete slabs with or without a layer of reinforced concrete topping. The benefits of using hollowcore concrete floor system are the low onsite labour cost, low self-weight, consistent quality, and economical.【Get Price】

Hollowcore Composite Floor Systems - precastfloors.info

Hollowcore Composite Floor Systems. Published: 2019: Download. A composite hollowcore floor combines precast hollowcore units with a structural concrete topping resulting in enhanced structural performance and lateral load distribution. Download. Precast.【Get Price】

Hollowcore Flooring | Precast Concrete Floors by Longley

Hollowcore floor planks are precast concrete elements with continuous longitudinal voids providing an efficient lightweight section. When grouted, the shear key between adjacent planks ensures that the individual planks behave similarly to a monolithic slab.【Get Price】

Hollow Core Flooring - Fogarty Concrete

Precast Hollowcore Floor Slabs Hollowcore floor slabs are prestressed concrete elements that have a constant cross section. They are manufactured using high tensile strength prestressed strands or single wires embedded within the element. The production of these elements is achieved using our Extruder and Slipformer machines that cast in one phase along a production bed … Hollow Core.【Get Price】

Hollowcore Roof and Floor Systems - County Materials

Hollowcore Roof and Floor Systems Offer High-Performance Strength and Unmatched Design Versatility. Read More. Tonka Village (Minnetonka North and South) Read More. Hollowcore Plank Proves as an Ideal Choice for Multifamily Complex . Read More. Products /.【Get Price】

Hollowcore Floor Systems - precastfloors.info

Hollowcore Floor Systems. Published: 2019: Download. A hollowcore floor slab is a prestressed precast concrete element incorporating continuous voids to reduce self-weight whilst providing an efficient structural section manufactured by slipform, extrusio.【Get Price】

Hollowcore Precast Concrete Floors | Planks Slabs | Milbank

Hollowcore Concrete Flooring Systems Hollowcore floors (also known as slabs or planks) are lightweight, efficient, and strong. We have expertly manufactured hollowcore concrete flooring solutions at our factory in Essex for over 70 years. The UK’s leading manufacturer of pre-stressed Hollowcore Concrete Floors【Get Price】

Thermal Flooring, Hollowcore Thermal Floor Slabs

O’Reilly pre-stressed Hollowcore floor units have better thermal properties than slabs with open hollow voids due to completely closed cores filled with polystyrene. The air movement in traditional hollowcore slabs reduces their thermal performance. The thermal performance of standard O’Reilly Hollowcore floor slabs is 25% better in average com- paring to the same slabs with open voids.【Get Price】

Insulated hollow core floors - Concrete International

The insulated hollow core slabs floor is 265 and 200 high and can be supplied with an insulated laying support (supporting lugs) or without insulation for later insulation coating. For the insulated hollow-core slab floor 320 high, it may only be delivered without insulation for a subsequent insulation coating.【Get Price】

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