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The cement 4x4 support piers are sold by Home Depot, but the local deck expert said no one ever makes a deck like that. The deck guide I downloaded mentions "free-standing" decks, but these still have conventional deep set posts-in-cement. I would like to build a floating deck like yours over an existing cement patio and avoid post holes.【Get Price】

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Deck blocks - Decking - Garden structures - Joists and beams - Deck hardware How to build a wooden floating deck in your backyard? Foundation, framing, decking, staining... all you need to know for planning your ground-level deck construction.【Get Price】

15 Stunning Low-budget Floating Deck Ideas For Your Home.

The simple structure of a floating deck confers an airy fresh vibe to your yard and offers all the necessary space you desire to organize an outdoors dinning area or a pallet lounge zone with little trouble. You can even take the idea further and build the deck around a majestic tree without it being connected to your actual house or terrace or, why not, around a round pool or Jacuzzi with the.【Get Price】

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I’m replacing the original floating wooden decking the builders installed in my 13 year old house with a timber base and composite decks. Took up most of the old stuff today and found what I expected, mainly cemented slabs across the decking space. For my new decking I need a joist every 300mm across and so my cemented slabs aren’t always going to be located at the correct intervals. What.【Get Price】

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To watch the decking installation, see the decking portion of our floating deck video. To learn how to plan the deck and to watch a video of the entire project, see the first part of the series, Planning a Floating Deck. To learn how to build the deck frame, see part two, Framing a Floating Deck.【Get Price】

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Apr 22, 2017 - If you're thinking of building your own floating deck I've put together a step by step tutorial on how we built ours in one weekend.【Get Price】

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Most Decks Can Be "Free Standing" or "Floating" Did you know this? If your deck is 6 feet or less with proper post to beam and joist bracing, it is a perfect candidate for a floating deck. This means you have options for your deck foundation that can save you time, money and effort.【Get Price】

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About your question, it is possible to build a deck without joining it to the house and it is known as a "free standing deck". As long as you use pressure treated lumber you do not have to worry about rotting wood. A "floating deck" is not attached to the house and you can move it anywhere on your yard. However you could build a "free standing deck" next to your house but it will be a.【Get Price】

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