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Styrofoam Molding (3086-CP) Telecommunications Equipment (5999-TE) Textile Production Equipment (2299-TX) Thermoforming Plastic (3089-TH) Tire, Rubber Elastomer Products (3011-TR) Touchscreens, Graphic Overlays Membrane Switches (3575-TS) Trade Show Display Events (2542-TD) Trading Companies (6799-TC) Truck Trailer Bodies Parts.【Get Price】

Compression moulding of sheet mould compound (SMC)

Sheet moulding compound (SMC) is an uncured thermoset compound, in sheet form, that is used to make glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products. It is formed into products by compression moulding. Compression moulding involves placing a sheet of SMC onto a heated mould, then forcing it into the mould cavities using a heated plug.【Get Price】

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Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) The Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) is a similar material to BMC, however, it is made into a sheet form before the plastic compression moulding process occurs. In some cases, reinforcing materials, such as glass fibres, are added and it is cut to size prior to moulding. Advantages of compression moulding【Get Price】

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Compression molding is a forming process in which a plastic material is placed directly into a heated metal mold then is softened by the heat and therefore forced to conform to the shape of the mold, as the mold closes. Once molding is completed excess Flash may be removed. Typically, compression molding machines open along a vertical axis.【Get Price】

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Compression molding is a common process used for both thermoplastic and thermoset stock shape materials. Compression molding is accomplished by placing the plastic material (can be a granular or pelletized form) in a mold cavity to be formed by heat and pressure. The process is someone similar to making waffles.【Get Price】

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Compression molding is considered as the main method for making many structural car body parts, including wheels, fiberglass bumpers, fiberglass manhole cover and plate-spring. The entire process of pressure forming is accomplished by converting the sheet plastic into the FRP finish in the mold.【Get Price】

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Another method is Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC). This process involves placing a reinforcing material, such as glass fibres, between layers of a thermoplastic and heating the materials so as to bond them together into a single sheet of material. This is then cut to size and reheated before being placed in a compression moulding press.【Get Price】

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