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When something as large and heavy as a Pool Table is in the room, special consideration must be taken to have the proper floor covering below the table. Weight Support As we said, your table is heavy. Pool tables can easily weigh 1,000+ pounds. Add that to the weight of other furniture in the room and people enjoying the room and the importance of the right flooring and covering becomes pretty.【Get Price】

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What Is The Best Flooring For Basement Rubber Vinyl Or Laminate. 5 Alternative Flooring Options For Your Basement Angi . 65 Rooms With A Pool Table Man Caves Included Home Stratosphere. What Is The Best Flooring For A Pool Table Home Decor Bliss. Key Meas.【Get Price】

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The pool table is standard height and the dining table top will bring the table to only 31" high. This is our standard height, however we do offer this table to be built 1" shorter for perfect dining height. This would bring the pool table only 1" shorter than regulation height. Nobody would notice the difference. There are a few other builders who offer a dining table top, but.【Get Price】

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But pool tables installed on carpets may need regular levelling initially as the soft carpet fibres and rubber underlays ‘settle’ under the weight of the table. However, a carpet will protect your floor underneath from the considerable weight of a slate bed table. And it will prevent dropped balls from getting chipped or cracked.【Get Price】

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Any Pool table that weighs under 500 pounds should be fine over laminate flooring. If your room is bigger than 30’ in any direction, your flooring will need a transition piece in order to maintain stability. However, this flooring is not appropriate for Pool tables weighing over 500 pounds due to durability reasons.【Get Price】

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Most vinyl plank flooring has a weight limit of 500 pounds. At a glance, this may not seem like enough for a pool table. Luckily, that weight is spread out on four or more legs. So, a 1200 pound pool table with four legs will only be placing 300 pounds of pressure on the flooring under each leg, which is well under the limit.【Get Price】

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