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Hardwood Flooring Patterns: Descriptions and Tips for Picking

The parquet flooring pattern started in France in the 1500s. The name comes from the French word “parquetry,” which translates to a small compartment. The installers would take little pieces of wood and fit them together to create geometric patterns. Individual “compartments” are made by piecing small pieces of wood together.【Get Price】

Hardwood Flooring Patterns: A Guide - Classic Floor Designs

The wood planks are installed in a V-shaped pattern that zigzags across the room boldly. The overall look of the design can be adjusted by the number of boards used in each V-shaped angle and by the dimensions of the boards.【Get Price】


The beauty and elegance of your wood floor is the result of choosing the right species and the wood floor pattern installation. Together, both have an equally important impact in the overall aesthetics of your home. Choosing the right wood floor pattern for your home is an essential step towards the final look that adds value to the interior design.【Get Price】

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Step 8 // Begin installing the hardwood. Push two pieces of wood perpendicular to each other, locking the tongue-and-groove, up against the jig. Hammer them in from all sides using the rubber mallet, then secure each into place with the flooring nailer.【Get Price】

Simple Laying patterns that deliver impact for Commercial.

Our Simple Laying Patterns have been created using standard sized planks and tiles, resulting in floor designs that are quick to specify and easy to install. Simple follow the four easy steps to creating your ideal floor.【Get Price】

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Diagonal strip wood floor patterns are precisely what you’d expect—wood planks angled at 45 degrees to the edges of a room. Diagonal strip patterns are also super easy to install Beautiful and easy to install (even for do-it-yourself flooring projects), you can usually install diagonal strips relatively easily.【Get Price】

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The right kind of floor pattern can make a room more spacious. Other advantages with unique floor patterns include ease of maintenance, adding to the overall décor of the house and creating an interesting personal space, full of fun and colors. Check out these unique floor patterns people are using in their homes.【Get Price】

Hardwood Floor Installation Patterns - Classic Hardwood Floors

Parquet pattern installation is in some ways a lost art. Parquet installation is the laying of wood in a repeated geometric pattern, often resulting in a floor that has the appearance of a checkerboard, sometimes with more complex patterns within each checkerboard square. The options for patterns are practically limitless. This pattern gives a.【Get Price】

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The most commonly used installation pattern is straight. To achieve this pattern, install hardwood flooring boards parallel to each other along with the length or width of a room. This pattern creates a simple and contemporary design, enhancing the original look of the hardwood floor.【Get Price】

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Straight pattern This is the most common and well-known way to install a hardwood floor. The boards are laid from wall to wall and side by side. If you have a small room you can arrange the boards to follow the longest wall in the room to make the area appear bigger and vice versa.【Get Price】

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Parquet Pattern This old school hardwood flooring pattern was first introduced in the early 1600s, but became widely popular in homes in the mid-1950s to 1960s. The installation of a parquet pattern is where the wood is laid in a repeated geometric pattern, resulting in a checkerboard style.【Get Price】

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Wood Floor Sanding Wood Floor Sanding. Everything from basics on running the big machine to detailed buffer techniques and more are in these wood floor sanding articles. Basic Wood Floor Installation Basic Wood Floor Installation. From straight-lay strip to parquet, herringbone and more, these articles offer the 411 on wood floor installation.【Get Price】

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However, if we install with the more standard nail down method over plywood, the direction of the floor joist must be taken into consideration. The general rule of thumb is to install perpendicular to the floor joist, doing so will allow the flooring to keep its structural integrity if the joists sag. Exceptions can be made with the use of additional subfloor use to strengthen the existing.【Get Price】

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