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Hey everyone. I had some Red Balau (from Batu, sold as decking material) that I made into an end grain cutting board. The whole process was an experiment, but the product came out really awesome. Does anyone know if Red Balau is safe to put food on after I do the normal cutting board things (wash, condition, oil, etc)?【Get Price】

red balau decking claims

Home > review > wpc products > red balau decking claims . - Holbrook Lumber Company Red Balau® Red Balau Red Balau decking is an extremely hard all clear tight grained hardwood. Its color is a deep rich red with a minor amount of fine.【Get Price】

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Red Balau decking has a beautiful reddish-brown color, but being a naturally oily wood, it needs to be sealed if you want it to retain that rich color through its potentially long lifespan. Otherwise left untreated, red balau decks will turn a silvery-grey. It is a durable hardwood that is often compared to teak and comes at a cheaper price.【Get Price】

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It is also sold under other names such as Kayu Batu and Red Balau. The actual species name is called Shorea or Balau. For the sake of this Mangaris deck refinishing page, we will call it by its most well know name. Its color, hardness, durability, and grain is arguably similar to Mahogany and is a common reason why so many are attracted to it for use in wood decking. Just as other species used.【Get Price】

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BALAU. Balau are of two types Yellow Balau and Red Balau. Yellow Balau Heartwood is of a yellow brown to reddish brown colour. Red Balau Heartwood is of wood light to dark brown or purplish red brown to grey brown. Balau Hardwood is a very dense hardwood used mainly for heavy construction. It is a heavy, extremely strong and dense timber with.【Get Price】

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Red Balau Decking It is hard and durable and much more color consistent than other tropical decking species like Meranti, Ipe and Cumaru. The grain is tight with smaller pores and despite its interlocked grain, so you won’t find the striping and raised grain common with other products.【Get Price】

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Botanical name for Yellow and Red Balau. Yellow Balau (also known as Bangkirai) trees are botanically known as Shorea laevis. Their counterparts, the Red Balau (also known as Sal) tree is known as the Shorea robusta. There are over 190 species of the Shorea in the world. Balau is a name used to incorporate some of these species together.【Get Price】

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Batu Decking (also known as Red Selangan Batu, Red Balau, Membatu, Meranti Batu and Mangaris) is known for its hardness, beauty and natural durability. Our Batu decking is exclusively produced from Shorea guiso, which is sustainably harvested and has full chain-of-custody documentation in accordance with the U.S. Lacey Act.【Get Price】

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Red Balau Deck Protection, Restoration and Maintenance. By Bill Christou, 06/11/17 Red Balau is a truly difficult wood species to pin down. It is sold under names such as Nova Batu, Lightning Brand Mahogany, ExoDek Mahogany, Mangaris and Red Balau. The actual species name is called Red Balau and belongs in the Shorea Spp. Family.【Get Price】

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Red Balau Decking: an FSC certified and cheaper tropical decking . Red Balau is an excellent tropical decking product with much more color consistency and clarity than Ipe and Cumaru. It is also 100% FSC certified when bought through J Gibson McIlvain【Get Price】【Get Price】

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The strength of Dark Red Balau allows you to span 24″ with 5/4×6 decking and 16″ with the attractive 1×4 pattern. Dark Red Balau is harder and more scratch resistant when compared to similarly priced decking materials and can be installed using similar methods and tools.【Get Price】

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Balau decking is highly porous, so any spills will absorb into the wood if the stain is not wiped up immediately. If you intend to use your deck as an outdoor eating space, you must guard against spills and wipe them up promptly to avoid staining. Also, if your deck is surrounded by plants that drop fruit-covered seeds, these seeds could mar the appearance of your balau decking if you fail to.【Get Price】

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Red Balau, is both strong in the face of harsh weather conditions and lovely to admire. It is similar in colour to mahogany and requires very little maintenance. It is mainly used to build fences, decks, bridges, docks and boardwalks. Red Balau flooring is also available which is equally beautiful. The wood is naturally insect, fire and decay resistant so it is the perfect choice for any.【Get Price】

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WHAT IS BALAU? Balau is a brown, yellow/brown or red/brown timber with interlocked grain, and a fine and even texture. The wood is cut from forests in South East Asia. The timber has a natural durability and will gradually weather over time to a silver-grey colour. Balau timber is durable, with a typical usable lifespan of between 20 and 30 years.【Get Price】

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I have what I believe to be balau decking in my place. I was told (by builder who installed it 5 years back and has it himself in the same block of flats wher he lives) that the wood needs no maintenance. It should be allowed to fade - part of the look. I've also been told that using something on it may be a bad idea. I'm not mad on the faded look but I can live with it. But I have.【Get Price】

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