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'Lunch Atop A Skyscraper': The Hidden History Behind The Photo

According to Christine Roussel, an archivist at Rockefeller Center, the construction project employed somewhere around 250,000 workers in the midst of the Great Depression. But there was a catch: laborers had to work hundreds of feet above the ground and with little safety gear.【Get Price】

Building the Empire State Building: The Daredevil Sky Boys.

The Empire State Building was built by construction workers who toiled at heights of up to 1,440 feet above the city’s streets. No wonder they were known as “air-treaders,” or “sky boys.” Here’s what to know about the brave souls who built the Empire State Building!【Get Price】

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The writer Benjamin Flowers states that the Empire State was "a building intended to celebrate a new America, built by men (both clients and construction workers) who were themselves new Americans." [121] The architectural critic Jonathan Glancey refers to the building as an "icon of American design".【Get Price】

20 Incredible Photos of the Construction of the Empire State.

1) Sept. 19, 1930 “Workmen at the new Empire State building that is being erected on the site of the old Waldorf Astoria Hotel at 34th Street and 5th Avenue. in New York, by a corporation headed by the former Governor Al Smith, raised a flag on the 88th story of the great building, 1,048 feet above the street.【Get Price】

Incredible pictures of construction workers. - Mail Online

One photo shows a workers climbing up a wrecking ball while working on the Empire State Building in 1930. The stunts are no laughing matter. Five men died in accidents during the breakneck...【Get Price】

Photographs of the Empire State Building under construction.

General and detailed views of the Empire State Building under construction showing workers performing various tasks including positioning, welding and riveting steel, hoisting materials and supplies, and operating and repairing machinery. Also birds-eye views of midtown Manhattan showing other buildings under construction. 6 of 46 items printed later from original negatives in the.【Get Price】

Video shows construction workers as they build the Chrysler.

Just a year later, the building of the Empire State Building would record five deaths among its 3,400 construction workers. Its construction moved at an even faster pace, however, taking only one...【Get Price】

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