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But unlike our clothes, we can't change our siding material easily. Even though we can change colors and accessories depending on the material chosen, most of us take a "one and done" approach to the exterior of our houses. We don't want to repaint, restain or any of that. We want something that looks good on day one and for many years to come. This guide to exterior siding choices will help.【Get Price】

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For example, siding protects your home’s exterior – providing a barrier against weather and improving insulation in the process. Different materials work better for different climates, such as those that are very hot versus those that are very cold. Finally, the right type of exterior siding influences your home’s resale value.【Get Price】

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Seamless steel siding is another popular alternative. Corrugated iron has been used for siding but is more popular today as a roofing material. Remember that the sidings we're talking about here are ones that are mass-produced and readily available. Anything can be used as siding when it's custom-made, as demonstrated by architect Frank Gehry.【Get Price】

9 Top Siding Materials - Houzz

Probably the most ubiquitous of siding choices, horizontal lap siding can be made from wood, aluminum, vinyl or fiber cement and can be finished in an unlimited range of colors. This siding choice is a natural fit for a colonial, or traditional-style, home as it works well with simple, boxy forms and symmetrical compositions.【Get Price】

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Dec 29, 2015 - Brick, stone, and vinyl siding exterior options. See more ideas about exterior siding options, siding options, exterior siding.【Get Price】

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Also, throughout its lifetime it does not have to be caulked, stained, or painted like other high maintenance exterior siding materials. In addition to these benefits there is also the option of insulated vinyl siding, which adds a thick foam layer underneath each panel boosting the R value or its energy efficiency and retaining both heat and cold during the winter and summer months.【Get Price】

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Engineered Wood Siding Half the cost of real wood, engineered wood siding is made of wood fibers and exterior-grade resins and is available in many styles, primed for paint or with a factory finish. Termite resistant and easy to work with, engineered wood doesn’t create hazardous dust when cut.【Get Price】

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This layer of EPS is fused on the reverse side of the vinyl that provides a snug fit between the real wall exterior of your house and the vinyl material. This insulative layer actually provides more than 20 percent more energy than the best vinyl or other insulative siding options out there on the market.【Get Price】

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These shed siding options involve about how to fill the shed frames solid using new or reclaimed Siding. From slatted Siding to solid sheet siding to shingled Siding, you will get free plans, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions for all here. Browse this collection of 10 cheapest shed siding options that mostly require a beginner skill level and will help you transform your entire shed.【Get Price】

17 Different Types of House Siding (with Photo Examples.

Composite siding – Composite wood is wood that has been constructed from pieces of scrap wood, compressed together with resin to form a ‘composite’ siding material Clapboard – Also known as bevel, lap, or weatherboarding, these are long, thin boards installed horizontally with a slight overlap.【Get Price】

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The darling of the siding world, fiber cement is a chameleon that is made to resemble wood, masonry, stucco and more. Though it is long-lasting and low-maintenance it isn’t everlasting, as some are lead to believe.【Get Price】

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Gypsum Exterior Wall Sheathing Pros; Gypsum sheathing is completely fireproof, which makes it an excellent material for use on the exterior of homes and buildings located in areas prone to wildfires and natural disasters. It’s very strong and durable, holding up better than fiberboard, without the issues of swelling and warping that OSB is.【Get Price】

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Durable and solid, fiber cement siding is an excellent exterior siding option for those who are looking for something that will last at least 30 years. Fiber cement siding is especially good for...【Get Price】

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6. Metal Siding. If you want to embrace an alternative design style and stay away from traditional siding options, a metal exterior in galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper could be the perfect solution for you. Industrial buildings often use metal siding because of its malleability and durability, so you can find the same benefits by using.【Get Price】

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6 Vinyl Siding Alternatives to Consider If you’ve chosen a style of siding for your home (board and batten, dutch lap, vertical, or shake), it’s time to select the material. Six of the best options include fiber cement, stucco, stone or faux stone, brick, aluminum, and wood. We’ll go into more detail for each one below:【Get Price】

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