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Most often made from a mixture of recycled wood fibers and plastic, composite decking is a very popular wood alternativematerial for building a deck. It’s long-lasting, won’t splinter, and requires minimal care and maintenance, which is good for homeowners who don’t want to spend a lot of time on upkeep.【Get Price】

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You should always clean any food debris off of the decking immediately to prevent mold growth. Composite decking usually offers much higher protection against mold; however, leaving food debris which mold could survive on will eventually lead to mold growth that is hard to control. To efficiently remove the mold, you will need to use bleach.【Get Price】

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Composite decking has become an extremely popular material for outdoor decks. Because your deck is exposed to the elements every day, routine cleaning is needed to keep it looking great. Keep the surface as dry as possible and free of debris by sweeping frequently. Scrub it by hand or with a pressure washer at least twice a year.【Get Price】

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If stains have set into the composite deck, use fine sandpaper (on our sand-finished decking) or a wire brush (on our brush-finished decking), following the grain If the composite deck comes into contact with rust Use water and soap, brushing carefully with a scouring pad.【Get Price】

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Maintenance UK Composite Decking is inherently a very low maintenance product. However, you must keep it clean, free from debris/litter and maintain the ventilation drainage gaps in between the boards and at the ends of the boards, especially where they butt up to another board or a wall.【Get Price】

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Composite decking can be quite porous, so it’s important to use the correct cleaner on your deck. Avoiding using any deck cleaner that has bleach in it as it can be extremely corrosive. Instead, use an oxygenated cleaner that can reach deep into the material and clean the inside of the deck as well as the outside.【Get Price】

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If your deck is one of the high-performance product lines from ( Transcend ®, Enhance ® or Select ®), soap-and-water cleaning or a gentle pressure washing will do the trick.【Get Price】

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