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Swimming Pool Flow Meter. An Essential For Smart Pool Owners.

Commercial swimming pools must be fitted with a flow meter. They’re subject to regular city inspections. No guesses or estimates here. The inspector needs to see the hourly volume of water being pumped through the pool.【Get Price】

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The swimming pool or spa flow meter is one of the most overlooked but crucial elements inside the commercial pool operator's pump room. This little device will help you understand the overall health of your facility and in most situations it is required by your local health department.【Get Price】

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Blue-White DIGI-FLO Pool Flow Meters (1) Blue-White Model F300 Flow Meters (2) Blue-White Vertical Mount Flow Meters (7) Signet 2551 Magmeter Pool Flow Sensors (12)【Get Price】

Swimming Pool Flow Meters

In order to facilitate checking this flow meters are required to be installed on all commercial pools so that the flow rate through the lines can be verified. A flow meter completely skips the requirement for a calculation by mechanically measuring the actual flow moving through the pipes.【Get Price】

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Swimming Pool Flow Meters accurately measure the flow rate of residential and commercial swimming pools.【Get Price】

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Types of Pool Flow Meters. The most common type of pool flow meter is one that has a floating bobbin contained inside a pilot tube. These analog flow meters can be positioned horizontally or vertically and they’re installed by drilling a small hole into the swimming pool’s existing plumbing. Usually two clamps are applied to provide more.【Get Price】

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