how to build a wooden fence with metal poles

The Fence Line: Building a Wood Fence with Metal Posts?

Build a wooden facade around metal posts to achieve an all wood look. If you want to build a wood fence that lasts while minimizing your upkeep consider using steel posts for installation. WAP-OZ Wood to Steel Brackets make it easy to install a wood fence using steel posts.【Get Price】

How to Install a Fence |

Carefully lift the fence panels into position sliding them down and between the U brackets and then secure in place with 35mm external grade screws. Step 14 Lay a piece of timber across the top of two consecutive posts and use a spirit level to check the posts are level. If need be trim the tops of the posts down so they are all the same height.【Get Price】

Building a Wood Fence with Metal Posts? | Wood fence.

The WAP-238 from OZCO is a galvanized bracket designed to attach round steel posts to wooden fence panels. Each bracket comes complete with 4-1/4 in. x 1-1/4 in. lag screws 2-5/16 in. carriage bolts and 5/16 in. nuts and 1 strap and base.【Get Price】

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Situate a wooden fence so that the ending post meets up with the end post of the metal fence. One side of the wooden fence post must be next to the metal post with the metal post centered. If you...【Get Price】

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