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Once you have insured the particle is in good condition you are able to install any floating type flooring engineered hardwood strand woven bamboo or eucalyptus laminate or cork over the particle board. The reason floating installations work and are the best suited for installation over a particleboard sub-floor is because a floating floor is not secured to the sub-floor in any area. We.【Get Price】

Is it OK to put hardwood flooring over 3/4" particle board.

Particle board underlayment Looks like oatmeal and consists of tiny wood particles glued and pressed into 4 x 8 foot sheets. It is NOT suitable to use as a Structural subfloor material.【Get Price】

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Particle board is not an appropriate underlayment for hardwood of any type. Particle board can absorb excessive moisture is very brittle and does not hold nails very well. If this type of underlayment is present it will have to be removed when planning to install a nail or glue down hardwood floor.【Get Price】

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The hardwood flooring installer thinks the particle board should be ok but the HO and I are thinking this might be a good time to get rid of it. The floor feels spongy to me and I am thinking the flooring nails might not hold as well in PB because it tends to be crumbly.【Get Price】

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Most people use nails or hardwood staples to attach hardwood flooring to the subfloor but this is only an option if the subfloor is made of plywood. If you have particleboard as your subfloor or...【Get Price】

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Solid Hardwood Engineered and Laminate Flooring - Hardwood over particle board. - Hello- The subfloors throughout my house are 3/4 particle board over 3/4 particle board (yeah two layers).【Get Price】

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The reason you can only float a floor over particle board is because nails won’t hold in the particle board and glue will ruin the particle board. But don’t worry engineered hardwood floors are great for several reasons. One of the great things about engineered wood is that it is less susceptible to the climate changes around it.【Get Price】

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Hardwood floor is 0.75″ thick. If you’re nailing at a 45-degree angle this would be a total of ~1″ before you get to the plywood (0.75″ x sqrt (2)). Since the nails are 1.75″ long that’s about 0.75″ of nail to dig into the plywood subfloor which is great.【Get Price】

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