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A solution is to use a bar clamp. Work one of the stops into the gap between two straight boards and place the other stop on the edge of the warped board then tighten the clamp to draw the warped board into place. Use extra fasteners to hold it before removing the clamp.” What if straightening the boards just isn’t going to fix the issue?【Get Price】

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You should have a gap. Most deck boards you buy will be fairly green and upon drying out will shrink across their width so whatever gap you leave will increase over the following weeks. So even if you butt them up you will end up with roughly a 3-4mm gap. foxy Aug 3 2006【Get Price】

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Answered We have an acquaintance that needs to close or fill in the gap between the boards on their deck floor this must be done from the topside as we can not gain access to the underneath side (less than 10" of clearance) they are screening the deck and want to eliminate insects from coming up through those gaps between the boards.【Get Price】

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Measure 50mm down from the top of the line and 50mm up from the bottom and mark the wood; this is where the pilot holes will be drilled. Repeat this process at 600mm intervals down the length of the wall plate. Step 8 Upon reaching the far end of the wood measure and mark out another 100mm section.【Get Price】

How to seal a space between deck boards

Align the tip with a seam in between the deck boards and hold the gun at a 45 degree angle. Squeeze the trigger to apply the silicone caulk with the tip of the cartridge touching the targeted space. Maintain consistent pressure and draw the gun along the length of the space to fill it with the sealant.【Get Price】

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Do you think we can unscrew move the boards closer (perhaps leaving 1/8″ gap) and re- screw and end up with a good look? By the way the deck is curved (of course it isn’t the nice square deck to which this would happen!) with the widest point at the center. So we’d have to move the boards towards the outside and add new boards in center.【Get Price】

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