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What Height Does My Decking Railing Need To Be In The UK.

Lower level decks are those which are raised no more than 300mm off the ground. For this platform height in a domestic property any railings or balustrades should be at least 900mm higher than the deck itself. This means that the handrail must be situated directly on top of the balustrade itself if you want to create the lowest profile possible.【Get Price】

Standard Deck Railing Height: Code Requirements and Guidelines

Deck railing height is a minimum of 36”. In some states such as California the minimum height is 42”. There is no maximum height. A railing is only necessary if the deck is 30” or more off the ground and 24” in certain jurisdictions.【Get Price】

What Is The Right Deck Railing Height? - Homedit

But if it’s too high you could risk structural integrity. The code for deck railing height is actually 36 inches from deck floor to the top of the railing. This includes any sort of top piece. Now if you’re dealing with a commercial property or building condos the height requirement is actually 42 inches.【Get Price】

Find out the deck railing height to meet code in your area.

Deck railing height should be a minimum of 36 inches; this should measure from the top edge of the top rail down to the the deck surface. This applies to the broad majority of the United States for all residential decks.【Get Price】

Legal height requirements for railings | Railing height.

Exterior balconies roofs or terraces balustrades height For exterior balconies roofs or terraced areas the required height is 1.1 meters (1100mm) from where you can stand on to the top of the handrail. Please feel free to ask any questions.【Get Price】

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