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35 Hot Tub Deck Ideas and Designs [With Pictures]

Another one of the hot tub deck ideas that features a soaking tub this rooftop spa makes the most of the view. The top sits at the same level as the railing on the sunken area below ensuring your view is completely unobstructed.【Get Price】

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SmartDeck – The simple portable solution to a hot tub pad – no concrete pad required. Kit supplied comes with 16 x 2-foot square panels. It is enough to build an 8′ x 8′ (2.4 x 2.4m) sized pad【Get Price】

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if the hot tub is located on a wooden decking platform (if I understand things correctly) then users would be insulated electrically from earth even if they can touch the water in the tub. Most of the tub will be made of glass fibre won't it including the outer moulding a non conducting material? So if a CEN broke external to the building the risk of shock is greatly removed by the wooden.【Get Price】

Can I Put an Inflatable Hot Tub on My Deck? (Yes here's how)

Yes any kind of hot tub including inflatable hot tubs can go on a wooden deck. However if the deck is more than 2 feet off the ground it will likely need additional support to hold the weight. Even inflatable hot tubs can still weigh up to 3700 lbs full of water and people.【Get Price】

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If the posts beams joists etc are up to it then your good. The decking itself doesn't have much to do with it the hot tub spans several joints. The decking is just transfering load from the hot tub to the joints. Just for good measure you may want to put some short posts from the slab to the joists under the hot tub.【Get Price】

Why composite decking makes a great base for your hot tub.

Looks great – first and foremost you want your hot tub to look the part and composite decking is a great way to achieve this. The choices are endless. You can sit your hot tub directly on the deck create a special raised platform or even build a clever surround – perfect if you’re prefer to hide the sides of your tub or if you want it to blend more seamlessly with its surroundings.【Get Price】

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Underneath the tub you need a material that will be able to hold a lot of weight without collapsing because on average a hot tub weighs between 400-600 pounds. Composite decking can be built frame-within-a-frame which is a building method dedicated to handling the additional weight.【Get Price】

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A hot tub or spa full of water can exert as much as 112 lbs per square foot of decking. A fraction of the 500lbs or more of concentrated load most composite decking can support. Making composite decking strong enough for under and around a hot tub. How much compression or weight composite decking can support varies by brand.【Get Price】

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Durability: Composite decking material is resistant to sun weather and pests. It’s manufactured with a protective polymer seal to help prevent rotting fading splintering and cracking. That makes composite decking suitable to use under a hot tub which will have exposure to water.【Get Price】

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Popular decking designs now feature hot tubs so you may want to shop around and measure hot tubs before having your decking installed. Once you’ve chosen the water feature you want you can then start designing your dream decking. For hot tub decking you also need to consider the level of privacy you need especially if you live in a semi-detached home where your neighbours are just over.【Get Price】

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If you want to have a hot tub installed in the decking talk to a professional deck builder to know more about your options. Is a floating deck better than a fixed decking? Choosing between having a floating deck or a fixed decking can be very challenging.【Get Price】

Why Hot Tubs and Composite Decking Are a Great Match

Lastly while manufactured without the use of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde Duralife composite decking is also highly resistant to moisture inhibiting mold and mildew growth a common issue typically found in areas around a hot tub. Get Samples shipped to your home or contact DuraLife now to learn more.【Get Price】

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Complete your composite decking designed garden with a matching hot tub or swim spa! Signature Spas NW include free composite two tier steps a built in bluetooth speaker system a chemical starter kit and a thermally insulated cover. They also include free delivery and positioning within a 100 mile radius. Be sure to check them out!【Get Price】

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Installing a Hot Tub on Decking. Weight is the most crucial thing to consider when it comes to having a hot tub installed on your deck. Whether you are building a brand new deck specifically for your hot tub or planning to put it on an existing deck you have to ensure it will be able to hold the weight.【Get Price】

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