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How to Make Old Cabinets Look New with Paint!

The width of a cabinet can be a factor in selecting hardware so make a note of this measurement. If you are replacing the hardware measure the openings and take a handle with you to the store to compare and make sure the new hardware will either work with your existing holes or be prepared to patch and redrill as necessary.【Get Price】

How to Make Old Cabinets Look New Without Staining? | Hunker

Replacing the cabinets is a costly and often unnecessary expense — more so if the old cabinets are in good shape. Instead give the cabinets a completely new look by changing the hardware painting on a new color or even adding decorative trim and crown moldings. Replace or Paint the Hardware【Get Price】

15 DIY Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers - Before After Photos of.

Find simple fixes like choosing some beautiful cabinet pulls as well as more involved changes like completely gutting your cabinets. So instead of worrying about how you're going to achieve the look you're after check out these gorgeous ways to redo your kitchen cabinets for some much-needed design inspiration.【Get Price】

10 Ways to Redo Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them.

Speed the aging process by dipping the tips of a paintbrush in a color lighter than the cabinets dabbing the excess onto a cloth until the brush is almost dry and lightly grazing the surface of detail trim corners or seams.【Get Price】

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With the right cleaning materials in tow here is a step-by-step process for the best way to clean kitchen cabinets. Fill up a bucket with warm water and add 1-2 squirts of dish soap. Dip your cloth into it and ring it out. Wipe down the entire front of your cabinets and give a bit of extra attention to greasy spots and areas of grimy buildup.【Get Price】

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Step 1: Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets Using a Damp Cloth To properly clean your cabinets take off the hinges and detach the doors from them. Remove the drawers shelves and knobs or handles as well. Wipe the surfaces vigorously with a clean soft and damped rag to remove the grease and dust.【Get Price】

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