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One of the most common reasons people find their door isn’t locking is because of a misaligned door. Whether it’s because of the door itself on the hinges how it fits in the frame the striking plate or the location of the lock a misalignment can mean your door won’t lock properly.【Get Price】

6 Common Lock Problems and Solutions

Slow locks can be a relatively simple fix. This problem most often occurs when dirt or grime has accumulated in your locks over time. If you want attempt the DIY method first try a slow and controlled inserting of a cotton swab into the lock to attract the dirt. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to lubricate the lock.【Get Price】

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Faulty Mechanism - UPVC door locking mechanism problems are very common. If the full length mechanism is faulty in certain circumstances it is possible to only replace the “Gearbox” (centre lockcase). This keeps the job cost to a minimum. Replacing full mechanisms can be expensive but in certain scenarios it is unavoidable.【Get Price】

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Another annoying door lock problem is a stiff hard-to-use latch. Whether it’s a handle or a key-turn which is stiffer than it should be this could also become a serious issue. That door lock is stiff for a reason – if you leave it for long enough that stiff door lock will eventually become one that jams.【Get Price】

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Misaligned deadbolts and latches are common door lock problems. They are often the result of door locks that were not properly installed or doors and door frames that are warping due to climate changes. The danger here is easy to spot. If your door lock is misaligned it becomes difficult to operate the door normally.【Get Price】

5 Common Door Lock Problems You Should Fix Right Away.

The most common causes are usually due to bad installation and/or door degradation due to the climate. To fix you’ll need to reinstall the lock striking plate again so that it properly aligns with the bolt. This involves unscrewing it from its original position and adjusting it to the optimal height.【Get Price】

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