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The cost of uPVC Cladding ranges from £20 – £50 per square metre depending on the quality of finish you’re choosing. Wall cladding prices can be cheaper through your tradesman’s suppliers or bought directly from a home improvement shop.【Get Price】

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The average cost of uPVC shiplap cladding is £56 per m 2. Pros. Longer lifespan – a minimum of 20 years. Cons. More expensive. Open V Costs. Open V cladding is shaped to give a unique open V-shaped appearance. It is quick and easy to install..【Get Price】

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uPVC Cladding Cost. This is a plastic-based cladding. It will probably cost you between £10 and £25 per m². Pros: Low-cost option. Low-maintenance. Durable. uPVC cladding is weather resistant. Cons: May not provide the ideal aesthetic. Metal Cladding Cost. Metal cladding is usually made of either steel or aluminium.【Get Price】

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uPVC weatherboard cladding. This type of cladding offers low maintenance and better durability. This type of coating is also cheaper compared to timber material. uPVC may cost anywhere from £10 to £24 per 5 meters of length – depending on the kind of uPVC selected. Fibre cement weatherboard cladding.【Get Price】

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UPVC cladding is one of the most cost-effective ways to clad a residential or commercial property. In contrast to traditional timber or brick cladding which can cost in excess of £50 per square metre UPVC cladding costs on average around £20 per square metre.【Get Price】

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Installing uPVC Cladding – Timber uPVC and Cladding Prices. A job to fit in new cladding boards to replace your old ones will usually cost around £1500. These figures already include costs for getting the old cladding removed having the new uPVC cladding fixtures fitted in as well as waste disposal.【Get Price】

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The average uPVC cladding cost per square metre is around £20 per m2 plus labour. Another manmade alternative is cedral (a fibre cement cladding) and the average cedral cladding cost comes in at around £32.50. However if you’re looking for timber the average timber cladding cost per m2 starts at close to £20 per m2.【Get Price】

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uPVC cladding will be the most inexpensive compared to others. uPVC may cost anywhere from £10 to £24 per 5 meters of length – depending on the kind of uPVC selected. Comparably timber cladding may cost up to £50 per sqm. How long do Weatherboards last? Generally weatherboard will last good 10 to 15 years.【Get Price】

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The average cost of cladding a house in the UK is about £20 per m2 if you use uPVC or at least double that if you use hardwood cladding. For a typical 3 bedroom house it’ll cost about £1000 to buy white uPVC cladding and £2000 to buy wood effect uPVC. For both types it’ll cost about £1000 to install.【Get Price】

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While replacing timber with UPVC is a wise investment it can be quite costly considering the time needed to correctly remove the timber fascias and soffits and then the cost to install completely new ones. In fact it often requires the added cost of scaffolding just to carry out the work safely and efficiently. However there is an excellent workaround available in this instance.【Get Price】

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To reduce the cost of replacing fascias and soffits some homeowners opt for capping or cladding instead of replacement. This could be a viable option if the fascias and soffits are still in excellent condition and will work to preserve them. However if the timber is in poor condition and falling apart we do not recommend capping.【Get Price】

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We offer an extensive range of uPVC Cladding – manufactured from high density uPVC our cladding range is both high quality and competitively priced. We stock. Open V (100mm) Shiplap (150mm) and . Double Embossed (333mm) Cladding all available at low online prices. All of our uPVC Cladding is supplied as a 5m length and available in a range.【Get Price】

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