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Aluminium Composite Panels are more likely to remain flat after installation without any wrinkling. It will retain its shape even in extreme temperatures whereas standard aluminium may not. Aluminium Composite Panels are more likely to dent and is not impact resistant to extreme storms for example. Standard aluminium however can be.【Get Price】

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Unlike aluminium panels panels made from polycarbonate plastics let in natural sunlight into interior spaces and are ideal for walls windows skylights and other applications where it’s desirable to let natural sunlight in – ideal for offices commercial spaces or vehicle garages. Polycarbonates in Malaysia are popular in construction.【Get Price】

Polycarbonate vs aluminium composite panel?

Polycarbonate not long lasting if compare with composite panel but cheaper. Depends thepolycarbonate thickness as well. Polycarbonate advantage is transparent. U can get natural light. Composite panel should has better sound proof. Can consider metal deck with insulation if want sound proof.【Get Price】

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Composite panels are one of the most popular which is used in modern construction for its great properties. On the other hand polycarbonate translucent panels have increased in popularity over the years with its innovative advancements in the construction industry. These two types of panels are amongst the top in terms of thermal efficiency.【Get Price】

Aluminum solid panel VS Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum solid panel material cost is higher much than ACP as it is pure aluminum not plastic. Installation cost is low and easy to fix on the support frame just use screws. ACP material cost is lower than Aluminum solid panel. But installation cost is higher than Aluminum solid panel because need to cut the sizes on site. Performance: 1.【Get Price】

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However composite panels cannot let in light which is their main undoing when compared with the translucent polycarbonate panels. Nonetheless they offer strong solutions for roofs and horizontal load bearing floors which the glass-like polycarbonate cannot offer.【Get Price】

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We provide premium Aluminum Composite Sheet which are flat type panels formed of thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. These exterior aluminum composite sheet are used for architectural cladding or partition false ceilings machine coverage. This serves as an important part of building while construction. The application of this product is broadly noticed in shopping malls.【Get Price】

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