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Recycled Plastic Sheet or Board comes in several varieties - HDPE sheet both as a multicoloured sandwich and solid colours, Stokbord, Recycled Mixed Plastic Sheet (a combination of HDPE and LDPE) and Stormboard.【Get Price】

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Recycled Mixed Plastic, made mainly from HDPE and LDPE (High and Low density polyethylene) derived from post industrial and domestic waste plastic - plastic bags, old plastic buckets, plastic milk cartons, paint trays and all the plastic you or your company throw in the recycling bin on a regular basis. 3. RECYCLED MIXED PLASTIC SHEET【Get Price】

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Eco Systems have introduced a new 100% recycled roofing slate to the UK market which is set to revolutionise the entire roofing industry. Working in conjunction with the direct manufacturer NewTech, we offer a state of the art formulation which provides a strong, pliable and attractive roofing option for your home or building application.【Get Price】

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The bottles also have plastic insects made by the children, and flowers inserted into the cavities. This project is ongoing: as enough bottles are recycled, then the next wall sections will be made. roof made from recycled plastic bottles- what a great idea for third world countries!【Get Price】

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Using recycled milk jugs is a great alternative to wood or metal materials. The plastic is resistant to moisture and chemicals so doesn’t weather damage or provide a breeding ground for bacteria in the way that a wooden option would. The plastic is also malleable so can be moulded into any shape for your roof tiles.【Get Price】

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Using recycled plastics to build roofing tiles is a great way to resemble other more expensive materials, while providing the same high-quality you can expect with materials such as slate. Other undeniable benefits from recycled plastic roofs include:【Get Price】

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