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The first thing you need to do is examine your stairs and determine if the newel post actually sits on top of the stair tread or if the tread itself is notched to accommodate the newel post. If your tread was notched around the newel post, lucky you. You have the easiest type of stairs to remove a tread from. If the newel post sits on top of the tread, then you will need to remove the newel.【Get Price】

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This guarantee is non-transferable, except upon any change of ownership of the premises, and does not cover installation defects or replacement works. It does not confer any rights other than those expressly stated and does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage. This guarantee is offered as an extra benefit and does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.【Get Price】

How to repair your porch steps DIY Home Depot materials

How to repair and replace your porch/deck steps and make them like new again.【Get Price】

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How to Build Outdoor Wood Steps 10 Steps. How to Patch and Resurface Concrete Steps 13 Steps. How to Add Stairs to Your Deck 6 Steps. How to Build Exterior Stairs 10 Steps. How to Build a Window Screen Replacement 8 Steps. How to Replace a Dryer Belt 7 S.【Get Price】

Backyard DIY: How to replace outdoor tiles | Better Homes and.

Being exposed to the elements takes its toll on outdoor tiles, so it’s no surprise the odd tile works loose sometimes. Here’s how you can tackle the quick cover-up. Here’s how you can tackle the quick cover-up.【Get Price】

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The door sill, or threshold, is the bottom portion of your exterior door frame. It helps to keep the elements out and provides a seal, as well as a place to step as you enter the home. These thresholds wear out over time, because of foot traffic and exposure to the weather. Replace them as needed to help keep your home's exterior in good condition.【Get Price】

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Step 1 – Remove the Stairs The stairs will be attached to the deck by just a couple of bolts through the rim joists. By using the old stairs as a template you will end up with a set of stairs that knows where everything is. Undo the bolts and gently remove the deck stairs.【Get Price】

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My basement has an outdoor entrance. There is a set of steps that go from that outside entrance up about 6 feet to ground level. At the base of the steps there is a landing with a drain in it and.【Get Price】

How to Replace a Single Stair Tread on a Set of Stairs | Home.

Fit the replacement tread in the place where the old tread went. Nail the tread down onto the stringers. Replace any handrail balusters and toenail them into place on the new tread. Replace...【Get Price】

The Best 23 DIY Ideas to Make Garden Stairs and Steps.

Adding DIY steps and stairs to your garden or yard is a great way to enhance your outdoor landscaping whether they are perfectly flat or happen to sit in a slope. On the other hand, stairs on a garden offers ease of access to go from one level to another and serve as a walkway as well. Garden stairs are less formal than indoor stairs, so you don’t need to follow precise measurements and you.【Get Price】

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Step 2: Prep With Replacement at the Ready Photo by Reena Bammi. Measure the length, width, and thickness of the old threshold, and have a replacement with a similar pro­file on hand. It should be an inch or two longer than the distance between the door casing's outside edges so you can trim it for an exact fit later on.【Get Price】

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Steps DIY: Instructions for Outdoor Railroad Ties. Railroad ties are one of the least expensive and most durable outdoor building materials. As a readily available recycled wood product, they are.【Get Price】

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Multiply the stair depth—commonly 10 inches (which allows for a slight overhang and a small gap between steps)—by the number of treads, or the number of steps minus 1. This will give you the total run. For example, let’s say the total rise is 40 inches. 40 divided by 7 is 5.7. Rounding to 6 gives you the number of steps you will need. 10.【Get Price】

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The best repair for severe corner and front edge breakage—short of completely replacing the steps—is to “recap” them. You break away the damaged areas, rebuild them with new concrete and then coat your entire steps to give them a uniform look. It takes about two days altogether and costs about $225 for tools and materials.【Get Price】

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We unfortunately, have two elderly mothers (one disabled but able to walk precariously) who are living or will be living with us and need to widen the path at the bottom of slope and also replace steps with slope. We only need one ramp/slope as we never use the 2nd set of steps. There is also a brick wall along side of remaining path that is meant to be a garden which then meets the adjoining.【Get Price】

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