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17 Different Types of House Siding (with Photo Examples.

Board and Batten: One of the classic exteriors, board and batten or barn siding is comprised of wide boards joined together and a batten, which is a thin piece of wood put at the joint of two boards to cover the gap, creating a vertical design. Shingles – Also known as shakes, these are thin, lightweight pieces of wood with a tapered shape.【Get Price】

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Shingle style architecture gets its name from this amazingly popular wood siding. Shingles were historically used to cover the entire exterior of Shingle style houses and other styles like the Cape Cod style.【Get Price】

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Asphalt shingles —made of asphalt reinforced by fiberglass or organic materials like wood or cellulose—are sold in multiple sizes and colors in a thicker, multi-layered “dimensional” variety...【Get Price】

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Nailing Schedule for Wood Shingles White cedar shingles are nailed 1-1/2 inch above the butt line and 3/4 inch in from each end. Manufacturers recommend a 1-1/4 inch (3d) box or shingle nail for new construction and a 1-3/4 inch (5d) nail when going over another siding material. Drive nails flush with the surface.【Get Price】

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Teak shingles are used in some of the most ageless buildings in the world. In terms of style, many varieties of wood shingles are composed of teak. On houses in the U.S. and abroad, teak shingles are made with tapered, hip and ridge designs. As far as color, teak shingles are produced in everything from gold and copper to silvery-gray tones.【Get Price】

17 Different Types of Wood Siding for Home Exteriors

Many cabins use this style of siding. One edge of a plank of wood is milled to be much narrower than the other. The thick edge of wood has a small groove that is cut into the board, into which the narrow side of another board will easily fit. This not only showcases the design and sculpture of the board itself but forms a ledge for water to bead.【Get Price】

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