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This large hamster cage made by Victoria Raechel uses melamine back, sides, and base with a glass front to create a deep and airy hamster cage. If your hamster loves to burrow, then you can add a deep layer of bedding to this cage to give them plenty of room to dig to their heart’s content. The large floor space of this cage measures 1,152 square inches.【Get Price】

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To ensure your that hamster is going to get enough ventilation it its cage, drill some extra ventilation holes along the top of the bins side/s. Setting up the Cage… If you haven’t already, it is recommended to wipe down your bin cage with a disinfectant. A hamster safe solution would be to combine half water half vinegar.【Get Price】

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DIY Hamster Cage (Bin Cage) **This page was posted to spread the word on how you can make a bin cage but original credit for how to prettify it and the original look was based off a Hamster Central member: aka Gutterglitterxx aka Marquelle’s design .【Get Price】

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Courtesy of, we have this inexpensive and easy-to-build plastic cage that gives your little rodent plenty of room to play. All you need is a large plastic bin (you probably have several lying around the house right now, as a matter of fact), a few other odds and ends, and a little bit of time to build your hamster his dream home.【Get Price】

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Wash The Plastic Tupperware Bin Start the process by washing out the plastic bin with a mild soap or detergent, then rinse thoroughly. This will remove any remnants of chemicals used in the manufacturing process of the plastic and prevent your hamster from getting poorly. Mark The Cage Holes【Get Price】

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A bin cage should be at least 20 x 30 inches, taking up 600 sq. inches of total floor space and over 100 liters in size. You can measure the box by multiplying the bottom inside width by the bottom inside length. That said, the size of the bin cage you choose to make will ultimately depend on the size of your hamster.【Get Price】

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Get a plastic bin with a lid online or from a department store. According to the RSPCA, you should get a cage that’s at least 30 × 15 × 15 in (76 × 38 × 38 cm) large for each hamster. This will give it enough space to move around and play. You can keep dwarf hamsters together but you should increase the size of the cage accordingly.【Get Price】

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