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Railways sleepers can be used to make sturdy wooden steps – you can either use the width of the sleeper for the step, or use them to front a rustic bark or shingle step. Be aware that sleepers can become quite slippery when wet – use grit, cut a pattern, or cover with chicken wire to improve grip.【Get Price】

How To Build Patio Paver Steps: The Ultimate Guide

Metallic Steps Metal is an extremely resistant material, especially for extreme temperature changes and humidity, which makes it perfect for outdoor areas. No doubt that alloys like aluminum or steel are amongst the toughest, and they unquestionably find excellent applications when it comes to patio steps.【Get Price】

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Natural stone with mossy ground cover makes for a whimsical, earthy front walkway and steps. ©Don Vandervort, HomeTips When working with flagstone, you can either set stones in sand or atop firm, stable soil, filling in gaps with sand, plants, or gravel. Keep in mind the high cost of stone, which could be prohibitive.【Get Price】

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Stone, concrete, and metal stairs are easier to care for and offer simple design ideas for traditional and contemporary homes. The traditional treated wood and painted wooden stairs are popular choices also. You have to wash or paint wood stairs periodically to keep them look fresh and protected from elements.【Get Price】

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The rise is the height of porch, or the steps, that you will need. A run is the total length of the steps from the edge of the porch to where the steps end. Stringers are usually 2 x 12-inch (5.1 x 30.5 cm) treated wood boards to which the tread and riser are attached. You can buy pre-cut stringers at most lumber or home improvement stores.【Get Price】

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If your steps must be more than 48 inches wide, concrete or stone are the preferred materials. Pour the concrete into a stairway form, or place stone treads on concrete stringers and risers. Wooden steps will need to be supported on three or more stringers if they are more than 48 inches wide to prevent cracking in the center.【Get Price】

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