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WATERPROOFING FOR TILE DECKS Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile decks and patios, this section will detail these installations. For tiling patios on concrete slabs on grade, look in Floors Exterior. This section will deal with elevated tile patios and tile decks in an exterior environment.【Get Price】

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Tile deck grout seeps water, like any other concrete based material. So, while you are enjoying the look and feel of your tile, underneath there could be pooling water. Pooling water = bad. After a while, it causes dry rot in the wood sub-floor or structural beams. worse yet, oftentimes a deck repair under tile does not allow for tile salvaging.【Get Price】

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There should be a waterproof membrane below the tile that has a slope of 1/4″ per foot towards the drain. So as water reaches the membrane it travels unrestricted to the drain. In this case perhaps the drain is over the edge of the perimeter of the tile. As the water travels through the mortars it picks up minerals that are a form of salt.【Get Price】

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Waterproofing. Waterproof the substrate with a waterproofing compound, such as an acrylic based liquid waterproofing system, readily available from tile and home improvement retailers. You will need: A primer, waterproofing system, reinforcing membrane, block brush, roller and silicone sealant. Step 1: Priming【Get Price】

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