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Wood Plastic Composite Upto 100% recycled material Furnitubes' wood plastic composite is made from between 80 to 90% recycled material. Made from 50% FSC timber offcuts 50% HDPE, the product maintains a natural wood property whilst also being environmentally friendly, making them a viable and economic alternative to timber.【Get Price】

Composite Materials Properties Database

Composite Materials Properties Database 22nd March 2016 Jonathan Evans (Application Engineer) Lorenzo Bossi (Sales Marketing Manager)【Get Price】

Composite materials - Using materials - AQA - GCSE Chemistry.

Wood itself is a natural composite material. It consists of a reinforcement of cellulose fibres bonded together by a matrix of lignin. The fibres are aligned alongside each other, so wood is...【Get Price】

Wood Handbook, Chapter 11: Mechanical Properties of Wood.

Table 12–1. Static bending properties of different wood and wood-based composites Material Specific gravity Static bending properties Modulus of elasticity Modulus of rupture GPa (×106 lb in–2) MPa (lb in–2) Clear wood White oak 0.68 12.27 (1.78).【Get Price】

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