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This board serves to attach the wood floor to the adjacent house, so bear in mind the shape and sloping of the deck during installation. Lay the framework If the ground is firm and level, a basic framework can be laid straight onto it, commonly 50 x 100 treated timber. If it is to be elevated the posts will have to be set first.【Get Price】

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Make the corner post more secure by fitting a piece of joist off-cut between the corner post and the first inner joist. Screw to the sub-frame with deck screws. Position the next deck post and fix it with just one coach screw for now, so that you can push it to one side while you fix the balustrade.【Get Price】

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Using grid paper with an easy-to-interpret scale, sketch out your yard and a location for your deck. An easy scale to use is 1 square = 1 foot. Your deck will be easier to build if you choose a relatively flat spot in your yard, since sloped or uneven ground will mean a lot of digging and excavating.【Get Price】

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