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Polyvinyl chloride or PVC decking is made from all plastic so it does not contain any wood fibers. It is more expensive than composite but for many people the benefits justify the cost. This material is completely recyclable and extremely durable. It won’t stain, fade or rot the way wood does so it’s a good investment.【Get Price】

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PVC decking is the same as Polyvinyl Chloride decking. The material composition of PVC is plastic. As an outdoor flooring material, it contains 100% plastic. Unlike composite decking, it doesn’t contain any wood, so it implies that its makers don’t cut timber to make it. Also, the makers of PVC designed it so that it minimises the disadvantages of wood decking. Aside from that, you can.【Get Price】

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When comparing composite vs PVC decking, the main difference is appearance. Composites often better resemble natural wood. By contrast, PVC has a more obviously synthetic appearance. However, there are actually quite a few other differences between the two materials that are worth noting.【Get Price】

Composite vs PVC Decking - Which one is right for me?

In this blog post – we want to educate you on what the difference is between Composite and PVC decking in order to help you make the decision about which product is right for you. In reality, what we find is that in most cases, the defining factor in which Synthetic decking a customer chooses, is often not what it’s made of, but the appearance – so once the decision has been made to use.【Get Price】

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